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February 2019 Cover Story – West Awardee Justice William W. Bedsworth’s Contributions Amount to More Than a Beds Note

Beds is recognized for what he does best: serving justice with some well-written humor on the side.

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January 2019 Cover Story – Deirdre M. Kelly Takes the Reins as OCBA President

Learn how Deirdre’s strong family roots helped her to become the conscientious and talented leader she is today.

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December 2018 Cover Story - Scoville Award Recipient Teresa McQueen: Dancing Through Fifteen Years of Service and Still Smiling

Characterized by her effervescence, joy, grace, and a strong spirit of service, Teresa McQueen is recognized for her dedication to our community.

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November 2018 Cover Story – A PLC Attorney’s Look at Current Processes and Recent Changes Relating to Arriving Asylum-Seekers

An explanation of the legal process for seeking asylum in the United States.

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November 2018 Cover Story – Legal Aid Society of Orange County-Community Legal Services: Celebrating Sixty Years and Serving New Communities

Legal Aid aims to prevent domestic violence against undocumented women and their children.

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November 2018 Cover Story – Federalism and Sanctuary Cities: The New Nullification Crisis

An explanation of how federalism does not allow states to refuse to follow certain federal directives.

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November 2018 Cover Story – Working on a Merger and Acquisition Deal? Don’t Forget About Immigration Implications

Immigration laws affect business deals at several levels.

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November 2018 Cover Story – Federalism and Sanctuary Cities: State’s Rights and Sanctuary Cities

An explanation of how federalism allows states to opt out of participating in certain federal tasks.

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November 2018 Cover Story - Veterans Legal Institute and Its Volunteer Attorney Heroes Support Active Service Members and Veterans by Combating Immigration Needs Pro Bono

This Veteran’s Day, learn about the myriad of immigration issues faced by our military veterans and their families.

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October 2018 Cover Story - The OCBA MCLE Scotland Seminar in 2019

How many MCLE credits come with ruins, castles, and a pub named the Jolly Judge?

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September 2018 Cover Story - The OCBA’s 2019 Candidates for Secretary: Michael A. Gregg and Daniel S. Robinson

Get to know Michael Gregg and Dan Robinson! And remember to vote this month.

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August 2018 Cover Story - Raise Your Glass 2018: Support Our Community

2018 promises to be another banner year for fundraising for charitable causes… with your help!

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July 2018 Cover Story - YLD: Engaging the Young Lawyer

Young lawyers want to be productive members of the Orange County legal community, and bring casual fun to the mix.

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June 2018 Cover Story: Who’s Who in the OCBA: The Affiliate Bars

Learn about the impressive affiliate groups, their leaders, and events.  Read More..

May 2018 Cover Story: Data Privacy and the Law - Protecting the Fourth Amendment After Carpenter in the Digital Age: What Gadget Next?

Can data and personal privacy transcend the digital age?

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May 2018 Cover Story: Data Privacy and the Law - When to Ask, When to Tell: Navigating California’s Recent Ban-the-Box Legislation

What are the implications of removing the question about felony records from employment applications?

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May 2018 Cover Story: Data Privacy and the Law - American Privacy Laws in a Global Context: Predictions for 2018

Will the United States follow global examples to protect data privacy?

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May 2018 Cover Story: Data Privacy and the Law - GDPR: EU General Data Protection Regulation

A summary of the obligations and concerns from the new GDPR.

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May 2018 Cover Story: Data Privacy and the Law - Phil Maynard, Tealium CLO, Discusses Compliance with Privacy Laws

An insider’s look at compliance issues.

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April 2018 Cover Story - Newport Beach Country Club Hosts The 2018 Judge Kenneth Lae Charity Golf Scramble

This year, the OCBA’s Charitable Fund invites bad golfers to do good things. Read More..