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October 2018 Cover Story - The OCBA MCLE Scotland Seminar in 2019

How many MCLE credits come with ruins, castles, and a pub named the Jolly Judge?

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September 2018 Cover Story - The OCBA’s 2019 Candidates for Secretary: Michael A. Gregg and Daniel S. Robinson

Get to know Michael Gregg and Dan Robinson! And remember to vote this month.

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August 2018 Cover Story - Raise Your Glass 2018: Support Our Community

2018 promises to be another banner year for fundraising for charitable causes… with your help!

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July 2018 Cover Story - YLD: Engaging the Young Lawyer

Young lawyers want to be productive members of the Orange County legal community, and bring casual fun to the mix.

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June 2018 Cover Story: Who’s Who in the OCBA: The Affiliate Bars

Learn about the impressive affiliate groups, their leaders, and events.  Read More..

May 2018 Cover Story: Data Privacy and the Law - Protecting the Fourth Amendment After Carpenter in the Digital Age: What Gadget Next?

Can data and personal privacy transcend the digital age?

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May 2018 Cover Story: Data Privacy and the Law - When to Ask, When to Tell: Navigating California’s Recent Ban-the-Box Legislation

What are the implications of removing the question about felony records from employment applications?

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May 2018 Cover Story: Data Privacy and the Law - American Privacy Laws in a Global Context: Predictions for 2018

Will the United States follow global examples to protect data privacy?

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May 2018 Cover Story: Data Privacy and the Law - GDPR: EU General Data Protection Regulation

A summary of the obligations and concerns from the new GDPR.

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May 2018 Cover Story: Data Privacy and the Law - Phil Maynard, Tealium CLO, Discusses Compliance with Privacy Laws

An insider’s look at compliance issues.

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April 2018 Cover Story - Newport Beach Country Club Hosts The 2018 Judge Kenneth Lae Charity Golf Scramble

This year, the OCBA’s Charitable Fund invites bad golfers to do good things. Read More..

March 2018 Cover Story – Who’s Who in the OCBA

Find out who’s new in OCBA leadership. Read More..

February 2018 Cover Story - Franklin G. West Award Honoree Julie M. McCoy: Demonstrating Our Capacity for Good

Julie embodies a winning combination of brains, grit, an adventurous spirit, and a pure desire to make this world a better place. Read More..

January 2018 Cover Story - Nikki Presley Miliband: We’re Not Returning to Sender!

Meet the new OCBA president and see why everyone is singing her praises. Read More..

December 2017 Cover Story - OCBA CLE Thailand Seminar 2018: From the City to the Jungle

Thailand boasts culture, food, fun, and those hard-to-get ethics and substance abuse CLE credits.

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November 2017 Cover Story - A Fine Man: John A. Bergen

This year's Scoville Award honoree served in Vietnam, built a distinguished career, and continues to serve others.

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October 2017 Cover Story - Legal Analytics: The Opening Salvo for AI into Legal Practice

Legal analytics can provide a wealth of information useful to one's practice.

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October 2017 Cover Story - Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Navigating “Known Unknowns”

The future of legal practice includes AI to some degree.

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September 2017 Cover Story – The OCBA’s Candidates for Secretary: Daniel S. Robinson and Larisa M. Dinsmoor

Get to know Larisa Dinsmoor and Daniel Robinson! Voting is open from September 12 until October 3rd.

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August 2017 Cover Story - Raise Your Glass 2017: Socializing for a Cause

Join the OCBA at the new Newport Beach Country Club this year for food, friends, and philanthropy.

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