Professionalism & Ethics

The purpose of the Professionalism and Ethics Committee ("P & E Committee") is to support and encourage the members of the Orange County Bar Association to engage in the professional and ethical practice of law for the benefit of not only the Association, but also the community it serves. The P & E Committee carries out its mission by providing information and non-binding opinions on attorney professionalism and ethics, consistent with the law, including requirements of the Business & Professions Code and the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of California. The Committee issues opinions based on topics submitted to it by the Orange County Bar Association President, by OCBA members, by non-member attorneys, and by members of the public. The Committee also has the discretion to issue opinions on topics of its own choosing.

In addition to issuing opinions, the P&E Committee supports and encourages OCBA members to engage in the professional and ethical practice of law by presenting educational programs on professionalism and ethics. These continuing legal education programs vary in length and are presented to association members at two- to three-hour seminars as well as one-hour section and committee meetings. Expanding its outreach, the Committee also writes an ethics column in the Association's monthly magazine, Orange County Lawyer.

Membership in this Blue Ribbon Committee is limited to fifteen members of the OCBA who have the capacity and desire to produce substantive work at the highest level on cutting-edge ethics issues. The Committee typically meets monthly. In addition to attending the one-hour monthly meeting, it is expected that each committee member's assignments will take an average of one hour per week.

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