Lawyer Referral & Information Service Committee

The purpose of the Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS) Committee is to make decisions necessary to the conduct and procedures of the Service and to ensure compliance with the State Bar of California rules of certification and meets American Bar Association standards.

In addition to meeting State Bar and ABA compliance, the LRIS Committee continuously strives to make legal services more available to the general public. To achieve this goal the LRIS Committee manages the following activities:

Community Outreach
The LRIS gets the word out with the distribution of promotional materials and legal brochures. LRIS attends community service fairs in Buena Park, Brea, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Cypress, Placentia, and San Juan Capistrano. LRIS also distributes free bookmarks to 37 Orange County Public Libraries in conjunction with Law Day activities.

Modest Means Program
The LRIS Committee is requested, by the Modest Means Sub-Committee, to review proposals to add additional panels to the award winning program or revisions to the income guidelines to ensure the overwhelming need for access to legal services by Orange County residents with low and fixed income.

The Committee is tasked with developing and analyzing new and continuing marketing ideas to the public and attorneys.

Membership in the LRIS Committee consists of eleven select members of the OCBA. The Committee meets at least quarterly on a Monday at Noon. In addition to the quarterly meetings, the committee member's are tasked with varying assignments that will take on average two hours a month.

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