Administration of Justice Committee

The Administration of Justice Committee (“AOJ”) serves as a liaison between the OCBA and the judicial, legislative branches of government, and the California State Bar on all issues which affect the administration of justice. The Committee membership is limited to chairs of specific larger sections of the OCBA, as well as the presiding judge of the Orange County Superior Court. Other standing seats are held by the Resolutions Committee leadership, representatives from the District Attorney and Public Defender’s Office, and some at-large members.

Typical activities of the AOJ include reviewing proposals to change court rules and forms, and updating civil and criminal jury instructions, court rules and judicial forms. In addition, the AOJ Committee makes recommendations on various requests for the OCBA to file amicus briefs in pending cases that would impact the practice of law or the justice system.

Activities also include a review of resolutions sponsored by the OCBA Resolutions Committee, and contact with appropriate legislative representatives when the OCBA believes that proposed legislation should be supported or opposed. AOJ Committee members also participate in the Bench Bar Coalition activities, including “A Day in Sacramento,” and regularly scheduled telephone conferences.

The Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at noon. Committee assignments average approximately two hours per month.

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