Veterans & Military

The purpose of the Orange County Bar Association’s Veterans and Military Committee (“VetCom”) is to empower the legal community to serve those who serve our nation through education, engagement, and action. VetCom’s objectives include education of OCBA members in order to increase the amount of pro bono veteran-related legal services, coordination of legal service providers and pro bono attorneys, collaboration with OCBA committees and stakeholders, helping with veteran homelessness, increasing interest and awareness regarding veterans issues amongst young lawyers and law students and maintenance of the OCBA’s veteran services webpage.


Orange County Lawyer Magazine

Veterans and Military Affairs Articles:

  • Peek at Pro Bono: Estate Planning for Veterans: VLI’s Pro Bono Estate Clinic, by Sheila-Marie Finkelstein and Scot G. Douglas, June p.46
  • Forgotten Folly: Seeking Justice for Survivors of Project 100,000, by Caitlin R. Emmons, June p.25
  • Peek at Pro Bono: There Are Many Ways to Help Low-Income Veterans, by David L. Price, Nov. p.54
  • Honoring Their Service: The Burden of Licensing Requirements on Military Families, by Caitlin R. Emmons, Nov. p.42
  • The Fight to End Military Sexual Trauma, by Antoinette N. Balta, Nov. p.38
  • Peek at Pro Bono: Advocating for Veterans in Orange County, by Sheila-Marie Finkelstein, June p.48
  • Peek at Pro Bono: Advocating for Veterans, by Jeff Roberts, Nov. p.47
  • VLI and the VA Step Up Support to Secure Veterans Benefits Throughout Covid, by Antoinette N. Balta, Nov. p.30
  • President’s Page: Honoring Our Veterans, by Larisa M. Dinsmoor, Nov. p.14
  • Peek at Pro Bono: Heroes Helping Heroes: How One Veteran Helped Another Claim His Purple Heart, by Antoinette N. Balta, May p.46
  • Women in the Military . . . Second Class Citizens?, by the Honorable Eileen C. Moore, March p.24
  • Spotlight on OCBA VetCom: Achieving Justice for Our Warriors: Past, Present, & Future, by Sheila-Marie Finkelstein, Nov. p.30
  • Mitigating the Harm From Military Sexual Trauma on Our Nation’s Heroes, by Antoinette N. Balta, Caitlin Emmons, and Brendan M. Ford, Nov. p.26
  • In the Trenches: From Marine to Litigator, by Andrea Bird-Steiner, Nov. p.35
  • Veterans Legal Institute Fights to Enforce the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, by Nithin B. Reddy and Daniel A. Duffield, Nov. p.32
  • Fighting for Veterans’ Legal Rights, by Ryan S. Ueda, Nov. p.30
  • Veterans Treatment Courts: Treating Problems to Prevent Crimes, by the Honorable Eileen C. Moore, Nov. p.27
  • President’s Page: Honoring Those Who Serve Our Veterans, by Deirdre M. Kelly, Sept. p.16
  • Orange County Think Tank Tackles Systemic Problems Harming Service Members, by Johannes M. Marler and Shiv Pandya, Mar. p.32