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OCBA Listserv FAQ

The OCBA provides Listservs™ that allow attorney members only to communicate and share ideas better than ever before. Please view the OCBA Listserv Terms of Use before participating in any OCBA Listserv.

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What is a Listserv™?
A listserv™ is an electronic mailing list that allows members of a group (section or committee) to communicate with everyone in the group whenever they choose via email. It also allows members of the group to search through archives of any past discussions communicated through the list.

How does it work?
An attorney member of a section or committee simply sends an email to the assigned group email address. The Listserv™ software relays the message via email to everyone in that group. Once the email is received by the members they can respond to everyone in the group (reply all) or just to the sender. Once a message has been relayed it is also archived in an online forum. Members of the list can view these archived messages at any time through the web.  OCBA Listservs™ are only accessible to attorney members and exclude Associate Section Members, law students, and judges.

How do I send a message?
To send a message to the group, you simply send an email to the assigned group email address. Your assigned group email address is the name of your group followed by @lists.ocbar.org. For instance, the name of the Family Law group is ocba-familylaw; therefore, the group email address is ocba-familylaw@lists.ocbar.org. Go to http://lists.ocbar.org to get the name of your group.
Once you send a message, you will immediately receive a confirmation email asking you for your approval to send the message to the entire group. Without your approval, the message WILL NOT be sent to the list. This approval is needed to prevent spam messages and will be required each time you send a message to the list.

How do I join the Listserv™?
If you are an attorney member of a section or committee that has a Listserv, you are put on the list by default.

How do I view the archives?
The archives are listed at http://lists.ocbar.org. If you are an attorney member of a section or committee you will be able to view or search that group’s archives at your leisure.

How do I know if my group has a Listserv™?
Go to http://lists.ocbar.org. If your group is listed here, then it has a Listserv.

How do I remove myself from the Listserv™?
In order to remove yourself from a list simply send an email to unsubscribe@ocbar.org with the list name in the subject line. These instructions are at the bottom of every message you receive from the list.

What if I want to remain on the list but I’m getting too many messages?
We suggest that you set up a rule in your email software to move the messages to a special folder as you receive them. This is generally very simple to do and gives you the convenience of viewing the messages when you want. For instance, in Outlook you could do this by going to: TOOLS → RULES AND ALERTS → NEW RULE → MOVE MESSAGES FROM SOMEONE TO A FOLDER. At this point you would type in the list email address…such as ocba-community@lists.ocbar.org

We hope these FAQs will help you learn what a Listserv™ is all about and help you benefit from this additional member feature of the OCBA. For additional support please email lists@ocbar.org or call us directly at 949.440.6700 ext. 121.