The OCBA Masters Division was founded in 2011 to serve the unique abilities, needs, and agenda of practitioners with 25 years or more tenure in the practice of law. The purposes of the Masters Division are to uphold the honor and dignity of the legal profession, apply the knowledge and experience of its members to promote the public good, and cultivate social intercourse among its members.

  • Educational Programs with a Competitive Edge
    Stay abreast of cutting-edge technology and practice tools while learning to deftly navigate changes within the legal profession through a series of topical seminars.
  • Modern Mentoring
    Through one-on-one mentoring as well as the OCBA’s online Mentor On Demand program, the Masters Division strives to aid in the development of young attorneys in our community.
  • Leadership & Vision
    Led by an impressive and accomplished group of jurists and attorneys from Orange County who serve on its board, the Masters Division proactively addresses the issues facing the OCBA’s most experienced members.
  • Honoring the Community
    The Masters Division’s Legends of the Law Award recognizes exemplary individuals who have made significant contributions to the legal profession, distinguished themselves by maintaining the highest levels of ethics and professionalism, and achieved a level of excellence that has advanced the profession as a whole and the Orange County legal community in particular.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life & Continued Careers
    Moving forward, the Masters Division plans to host programs and activities to provide guidance and assistance to experienced attorneys in preparing for and adjusting to changes in their professional and financial activities.