Judiciary Committee

The purpose of the Judiciary Committee is to evaluate candidates for appointment to the Orange County Court upon the request of the appointing authority or as the Committee deems appropriate.

The Committee consists of a cross-section of leading Orange County attorneys who, among other things, contact various judges, attorneys, associates, opposing counsel, and references with knowledge of the candidate as part of a comprehensive examination of their qualifications to serve as a judge. This information is then communicated to the Governor's Office for consideration in the judicial nomination process. On occasion and in relation to publicly contested judicial elections, the Committee may also conduct a survey of the OCBA's members concerning judicial qualifications and the results of such a survey, and other works conducted by the Committee, may be released to the public by the Board of Directors.

The Committee consists of not less than twenty nor more than thirty-five members of the OCBA in good standing, including the Chair. The membership of the Committee is maintained in confidence. Committee members represent the diversity of the OCBA and each member must have been admitted to the practice of law for at least ten years prior to appointment. The term of each member is for a period of two years. The Chair of the Committee is appointed by the President to serve for a term of one year.

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