Orange County Jewish Bar Association

OCJBA Statement Updated April 2020

The Orange County Jewish Bar Association (OCJBA) was founded in 2010 to provide a social environment that engenders comradeship among its members based on the Jewish traditions of Torah (law), Mitzvot (good deeds), and Tzedakah (justice/kindness) while practicing law and serving the community.

In addition to fostering consequential relationships and mentorship, the OCJBA has led to the formation of successful new law firms!

Over the years the OCJBA has given back to the Orange County community by facilitating and participating in pro bono activities with various community service organizations, including, but not limited to, Human Options and the Jewish Federation & Family Services. OCJBA members have also partnered with the Anti-Defamation League to implement the nationally approved Anti-Bullying Campaign in Orange County K-12 schools. The purpose of this free program is to educate schools (students and faculty) on best practices when dealing with bullying issues from the perspective of both the bullied and the bully’s perspective.

New this year, on top of our annual dinner, we also hosted the inaugural Chanukkah Vodka Latke and Mensch Award and arranged mixers and CLEs with several OCBA affiliate bar associations and sections. The OCJBA looks forward to the continued development of meaningful relationships with members from these organizations.

If you are interested in boozing and schmoozing with the OCJBA, please join us at any of the monthly meetings. All are welcome to these free open meetings, no RSVP necessary. The business aspect of the meeting last no more than 5 minutes (it’s in the bylaws!) and the fun lasts all night. The OCJBA is eternally grateful to Ron Schwartz for hosting our “Schmooze and Booze” meetings.

The OCJBA meets the first Tuesday of every month. From January through November we meet at Muldoon’s in Newport Beach for appetizers and drinks. In December, we meet at Congregation Beth Jacobs in Irvine for the Vodka and Latke tastings and Mensch award presentation.

For more information about the OCJBA activities, please visit our website at www.ocjba.org, write to OCJBA, P.O. Box 6130, Newport Beach, CA 92658, or email Sheila-Marie Finkelstein at smf@ahavalaw.com.

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