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Education Committee

It is the purpose of the Education Committee to plan and coordinate CLE programs which will provide a forum for OCBA members to receive current, interesting and quality educational programs in an effort to help meet their California State Bar MCLE requirement.

The Education Committee generally meets 7 to 8 times in a calendar year. During the meetings, committee members have an opportunity to contribute ideas for future programming. Once a program concept has been agreed upon, a committee member familiar with that area of practice may be designated to coordinate the program.

In addition to fun-filled travel CLE seminars, the committee plans a broad range of quality CLE programs that vary in length and are presented at two to three hour evening seminars. To accommodate attorneys in that year’s compliance group, an annual Last Dash seminar is planned by the committee. This program offers multiple sessions of CLE programs.

It is the Committee’s overall goal to continue to focus on quality programming at the lowest cost to OCBA members.

Learn about Bridging the Gap - A program that provides a forum for new admittees to the Bar to receive an overview and basic understanding of the various legal specialty practices in a courtroom setting.

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