OCBA Masters Division Listserv

We are happy to announce that the OCBA has launced a dedicated Listserv™ to serve the members of its Masters Division. We believe this will be a very useful tool for our members and allow them to communicate and share ideas better than ever before. Please view the OCBA Listserv Terms of Use before participating in any OCBA Listserv.

What is a Listserv™?
A listserv™ is an electronic mailing list that allows members of a group (in this case, the OCBA Masters Division) to communicate with everyone in the group whenever they choose via email. It also allows members of the group to search through archives of any past discussions communicated through the list.

How does it work?
To send a new message through the listserv, simply send an email from the email account associated with your OCBA member profile to ocba-masters@lists.ocbar.org. The message will then be sent to all current members of the OCBA Masters Division. Once the email is received by the members they can respond to everyone in the group (reply all) or just to the sender (reply). All messages are then archived in an online forum, which can be accessed and searched by OCBA Masters Division members at any time through the web.

How do I join the Listserv™?
All current OCBA Masters Division members are added to the listserv automatically. Upon being added to the listserv, you should receive a welcome email that outlines the Listserv™ terms of use, what email address to use to communicate with the group, how to search the archives, and how to unsubscribe to the list if you wish.

How do I view the archives?
Simply click here. Using your email address associated with your OCBA member profile, you will have the ability to create a password and then search or view the archives at your leisure.

How do I remove myself from the Listserv™?
In order to remove yourself from the listserv, simply send an email to unsubscribe@ocbar.org with the list name in the subject line. These instructions will be in the welcome message, as well as at the bottom of every message you receive from the list.

What if I want to remain on the list but I’m getting too many messages?
We suggest that you set up a rule in your email software to move the messages to a special folder as you receive them. This is generally very simple to do and gives you the convenience of viewing the messages when you want. For instance, in Outlook you could do this by going to: TOOLS → RULES AND ALERTS → NEW RULE → MOVE MESSAGES FROM SOMEONE TO A FOLDER. At this point you would type in the list email address: ocba-masters@lists.ocbar.org.

We hope these FAQs will help you learn what the listserv™ is all about and help you benefit from this additional member feature of the OCBA Masters Division. For additional support please email lists@ocbar.org or call us directly at 949.440.6700, ext. 121.