Celtic Bar Association

CBA Statement Updated April 2020

The goals of the Celtic Bar are to promote camaraderie amongst its membership, civility and professionalism within the Orange County legal community, and a greater awareness of the Celtic culture and history, particularly its contribution to the law. There are seven separate Celtic nations, all of which are connected to one another by common history and culture: Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Galicia (in Spain), Brittany (in France), and Cornwall (in England). Celtic people are known for their outgoing nature and their love of the written and spoken word. While there are many Irish-American lawyers’ groups in major cities throughout the United States, we believe that the CBA is the first attempt to gather all the Celtic clans in a single legal organization.

We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at Muldoon’s Irish Pub (through the graciousness of one of our founding members, Ronald “O’Schwartz”), located near Fashion Island in Newport Beach. We have a long-standing tradition that is set forth in our bylaws that meetings cannot last more than five minutes, which bylaw is strictly adhered to at all meetings and the leader is heckled down as the deadline approaches.

Each year, we install our officers and recognize our Celtic Judge of the Year on Samhain Eve, which heralds the beginning of the Celtic New Year. This past year, Judge Shaina Coliver was recognized as the Celtic Judge of the Year, while past recipients include Judge Jamoa Moberly, Judge Linda S. Marks, Judge Nancy Wieben Stock (Ret.), Judge Gail A. Andler (Ret.), Judge Dennis Choate (Ret.), Judge Sheila Fell, Judge James Di Cesare, Justice Kathleen O’Leary, Judge William McDonald, Judge C. Robert Jameson, Judge David McEachen, Judge Ronald Kreber, Judge Dan Pratt, Judge Franz Miller, Judge Michael Brenner, Judge Andrew Banks, Judge Lon Hurwitz, and Justice William Bedsworth. For the first time last year we granted the initial Founder’s Award at Samhain Eve to Attorney Ronald Schwartz.

We have organized MCLE travel seminars to Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, France, Italy, England, Spain, Iceland, and Wales. We announce our next MCLE trip to Helsinki and Vilnius in October 2020. We have also had excursions to the contemporary Irish comedies and plays, as well as the Orange County Irish Fair, the Renaissance Faire, and Irish and Celtic movies.

More than 300 lawyers and judges rally to our cause. One does not have to be of Celtic descent to join the CBA. All we ask is that you be a member of the OCBA, have an outgoing nature, and support our organization’s goals. (We have modest annual dues of $25!) For further information, please contact CBA President J. Craig Williams at jcraig.williams@wlc-legal.com, or call 949-422-7617, and visit our website at celticbarassociation.org.

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