We, as members of the Racial Justice Task Force, encourage you to join our efforts no matter your level of education or experience with racial justice.

Click Here to view the Racial Justice Task Force article from the August 2020 issue of the Orange County Lawyer Magazine.

In the words of Justice Thurgood Marshall, “Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak out, because this is your country. This is your democracy. Make it. Protect it. Pass it on.” 
We encourage you to:

  1. Take an implicit bias test at https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html.
  2. Research and educate yourself to increase awareness and engagement in the quest for racial equity.
  3. Listen and discuss racial bias, prejudice, and privilege; recognize and speak out against racial injustices and disparities.
  4. Continue to contribute to civil rights and social justice organizations, such as the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Equal Justice Initiative, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, and a host of other organizations.
  5. Continue to volunteer with, and financially support, organizations such as the Public Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU SoCal) that address discrimination and criminal justice matters.
  6. Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace; recruit, retain, mentor, sponsor, and provide career and business development opportunities for Black lawyers and other marginalized groups.
  7. Take active steps to be an ally to marginalized people by supporting, listening, learning, getting involved, and speaking up even when it is uncomfortable. [Consult Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) at https://www.showingupforracialjustice.org/ for ideas.]


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