Get Connected Committees

Administration Of Justice
A “blue ribbon” committee appointed by the President, to review and comment on rules of court and other subject provided for public comment by the Judicial Council, Superior Court and the California State Bar, upon approval by the Executive Committee. Committee may consider and draft comments relating to developments, trends, or problems that affect the administration of justice.

Presents recommendations for appointment to the Board of Directors sufficient to fill any vacancies in the eight (8) appointed directorships with a view to ensuring that the composition of the Board fairly represents, to the extent reasonable, the diverse composition of the Association, including minorities, women, lawyers in firms of various sizes and sole practitioners, public lawyers, lawyers with various specialties, and lawyers in various geographic areas.

Recommends and works directly with the independent auditors hired by the Board of Directors to perform the annual audit of the Association, as required by the Association’s Bylaws.

Makes recommendations to the Executive Committee for the annual honorees of the Franklin G. West Award, presented at the Judges’ Night and Annual meeting, and the Harmon G. Scoville Award, presented each year at the Volunteer Recognition Reception.

Community Outreach
Selects, plans, organizes and implements community service activities for OCBA members.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Develops and implements strategic initiatives to increase diversity and provide access to justice in the Orange County legal community.

Editorial Advisory
Oversees the publication of Orange County Lawyer, the official magazine of the OCBA, and provides guidance to the Editor-in-Chief.

Plans and coordinates, in conjunction with the OCBA staff, an annual curriculum of Continuing Legal Education.

Assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities regarding the Association’s finances and investments.

Evaluates candidates who have applied to the Governor’s Office for judicial appointment in Orange County. In contested judicial elections, conducts a survey of the members concerning judicial qualifications.

Lawyer Referral & Information Service
With the goal of having legal representation more readily accessible to the general public the Lawyer Referral & Information Service Committee develops policies and procedures for operation of the Lawyer Referral & Information Service in accordance with California State Bar rules.

Lawyer Well-Being Committee
The OCBA Lawyer Well-Being Committee was formed to provide our fellow OCBA members with resources, education, and support to members regarding mental, emotional, and physical health issues, including disabilities, serious illnesses, substance abuse, and general well-being.

Leadership Development Committee
The purpose of the Leadership Development Committee is the identification, recruitment and training of potential leaders of the OCBA and the Orange County legal community.

Legislative Resolutions
Represents the OCBA at the Annual Conference of Delegates of California Bar Associations which is held the same weekend and at the same location as the State Bar Annual Meeting.

Mandatory Fee Arbitration
Facilitates the resolution of disputes between clients and their attorneys concerning fees, costs, or both charge for professional services by providing a forum for a speedy, low cost, impartial hearing and determination of those disputes.

Mentor on Demand
Oversees the online Mentor on Demand program and arranges for interviews of prominent members of the legal community to be videotaped and made available in 10-minute segments on the OCBA website.

A Blue Ribbon Committee appointed by the President that develops criteria for the OCBA Mentoring Program that matches protege attorneys in practice five years or less with experienced attorneys to develop practice and general lawyering skills, and evaluates and screens proteges and mentors.

Mommy Esquire
Mommy Esquire is open to OCBA lawyers with children with the goal of promoting fellowship, education, and networking. The committee hosts monthly lunchtime events for its members, and other social and professional events throughout the year.

Presents one or more nominees for each open office and for each open directorship to be filled by election, fairly representing, to the extent reasonable, the diverse composition of the Association, including minorities, women, lawyers in firms of various sizes and sole practitioners, public lawyers, lawyers with various specialties, and lawyers in various geographic areas.

Pro Bono
The purpose of the Pro Bono Committee is to assess the needs in the community and to coordinate pro bono trainings and programs for members.

Professionalism & Ethics
Strives to advance professionalism and ethics within the Orange County legal community by issuing non-binding opinions on ethics issues and providing ethics training to practitioners.

Veterans & Military
The purpose of the Orange County Bar Association’s Veterans and Military Committee (“VetCom”) is to empower the legal community to serve those who serve our nation through education, engagement, and action. VetCom’s objectives include education of OCBA members in order to increase the amount of pro bono veteran-related legal services, coordination of legal service providers and pro bono attorneys, collaboration with OCBA committees and stakeholders, helping with veteran homelessness, increasing interest and awareness regarding veterans issues amongst young lawyers and law students and maintenance of the OCBA’s veteran services webpage.

You must be a member in good standing of the OCBA to be a member of any committee.