Photos from the Three Cs of Legal Technology
Whether or not you were able to attend the OCBA Masters Division Seminar entitled "The Three Cs of Legal Technology," held Thursday, March 15, 2012, you can relive the evening through photos!


OCBA Immediate Past President John Hueston, Hon. Ming Chin, and Hon. Robert Moss
 Roy Comer and Dennis Stubblefield
 Dianne and Joseph Lumsdaine
 Russell Davis and Karin Easter Gurwell
 A special thank you to our event sponsors!
 Richard Jones and John Connors
 Masters Division Vice Chair Dean Zipser, Chair Julie McCoy, and M. Candice Bryner
 Russell Nowell and Robert Gokoo
 Hon. James Gray (Ret.), Dr. Earl Fuller, and Marjorie Fuller
 Masters Division Board member John Hurlbut, Jr., and Richard Ashworth
 Past OCBA Presidents Robert Gerard, Danni Murphy, Richard Millar, Jr., and Hon. Franz Miller
 Martha Roof and Marla Robinson
 Masters Division Board member Richard Derevan, James Riddet, and Phillip Silverman
 Roger Grable, Masters Division Board member Hon. Kathleen O’Leary, and Deborah Arbabi
 Martha Gooding and Masters Division Secretary Paul Gale
 Masters Division Chair Julie McCoy
 Program Chair John Sganga
 Hon. Ming Chin
 Hon. Robert Moss
 John Hueston
 Thomas McDermott and Paul Kiesel
 Imran Mirza and John Sganga
 Imran Mirza
 Shawn Harpen, Hon. Kim Dunning, and Robert Sall