2013 Article Index

Index to Articles Appearing in Volume 55, 2013
Orange County Lawyer Magazine


As a service to our readers, the following is an index to Features, Special Features, Columns, and select Departments appearing in calendar year 2013. This index is arranged alphabetically by main article topic, then alphabetically within that topic.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • "I Speak Attorney," by Lloyd W. Felver, February p.22

Banking & Lending

  • "Dwellings on California Foreclosure Law: The New Homeowner's Bill of Rights," by Judge Kirk Nakamura, December p.12
  • "Mortgage Debt that Can Be Forgiven in 2013," by N. Mauricio Reznik, August p.24

Business & Corporate Law

  • "The Accidental Franchisor—What Every Business Lawyer Should Know about Franchise Law," by Barry Kurtz and Bryan H. Clements, July p.36
  • "California’s Business Judgment Rule Is Not a Defense for Corporate Officers," by James B. Hardin and Steven R. Telles, June p.32
  • "A New Era for Small Business Capitalization or Funding for the Future: Crowdfunding and Small Business Online Offerings," by Joe Donnini, May p.14

Business Litigation

  • "Good Faith Settlement Motions: When Hitting A Home Run Means Staying In The Ballpark," by William C. O’Neill, August p.28

Constitutional Law

  • "A Closer Look at the Marriage Equality Cases Before the United States Supreme Court," by Adam E. Brauner and Andreas J. Meyer, May p.18
  • "Common Sense on Guns," by Erwin Chemerinsky, May p.11
  • "Facts Confuse the Gun Debate," by Alan Korwin, May p.10

Corporations & Corporate Counsel

  • "Which Hat To Wear Today: The Evolving Role of Today," by Paul Bokota, August p.14

Criminal Law

  • "Breaking Point: The Failure to Implement Jessica’s Law," by Daniel Sterling Lamb, November p.26
  • "Survey of California’s Sentencing Reforms," by William Holzer, April p.16
  • "Understanding and Utilizing Marsy’s Law," by Michael L. Fell and Elizabeth N. Jones, November p.24

Entertainment, Sports, & Marketing Law

  • "Housewives and Heroes: How High-Tech Viewing Patterns Drive the Deals for Entertainment Content," by Leif W. Reinstein, September p.10
  • "What Do You Get When A Celebrity Chef, Panda, and Songwriter Walk Into the Bar? 2013’s Most Relevant Entertainment Legal Battles," by Michael Baroni, September p.18

Environmental Law

  • "Is California an Oil Boom State?" by Myanna Dellinger, May p.24
  • "Minimizing the Risk of Buying or Leasing 'Environmentally Challenged' Property: New Developments," by Summer L. Nastich and Diane R. Smith, May p.30
  • "That’s Wild! The Ongoing International Trade in Endangered Species," by Myanna Dellinger, December p.22

Ethics & Professional Responsibility

  • "Ethically Speaking: 2012 Ethics Year in Review," January p.40
  • "Ethically Speaking: Co-Counsel Conflicts of Interest," by Carole J. Buckner, April p.40
  • "Ethically Speaking: Communication: An Essential Skill to Avoid Malpractice Liability and Discipline," by Robert K. Sall, March p.42
  • "Ethically Speaking: Floodgates Open to Civil Claims Against Attorneys and Law Firms," by Mary A. Dannelley, June p.40
  • "Ethically Speaking: 'It Was My Understanding There Would Be No Patent Law!' Why State Court Judges and Legal Malpractice Attorneys Should Dust Off Their Patent Law Books," by Isabelle M. Smith and Todd W. Smith, May p.36
  • "Ethically Speaking: Lawful and Unlawful Prelitigation Demand Letters," by Matthew A. Hodel and Fred L. Wilks, August p.36
  • "Ethically Speaking: Legal Ethics, Social Media, and the Jury," by Carole Buckner, November p.32
  • "Ethically Speaking: Of Dolls and Duties: The State Bar’s Exoneration of Attorney McHugh," by Jennifer Bagosy, October p.44
  • "Ethically Speaking: Requirements for Client Retainer Agreements," by Eugen C. Andres and Jim Moore, December p.40
  • "Ethically Speaking: Secrets in a Google World: Understanding the Differences Between the Attorney-Client Privilege and the Duty of Confidentiality," by Scott B. Garner, July p.42
  • "Ethically Speaking: Social Networking and the Ethical Duty of Confidentiality," by Joel M. Pores, February p.38
  • "Ethically Speaking: The Unassuming Plaintiff: Attorneys’ Duties to Non-Clients," by Heather Porter Condon, September p.48

Family Law

  • "Family Law Corner: Collaborative Divorce—A Follow Up," by Glenn L. Rabenn, Marc R. Bertone, and Paul J. Toohey, April p.32
  • "Family Law Corner: Discovery With a Self-Representing Party," by Commissioner Richard G. Vogl, August p.32
  • "Family Law Corner: Senate Bill 115 Would Give Sperm Donors Standing to Petition for Paternity," by Meldie Moore, September p.38
  • "Family Law Corner: Simplifying Adult Child Support," by Dallas Simkins, November p.40

Health Care Law

  • "ObamaCare: A Status Report," by David H. Nayebaziz, June p.24
  • "What Does the Affordable Care Act Mean for Veterans?" by Jeffrey Milman, November p.18

Humor & the Law

  • "A Criminal Waste of Space: Bottomry: The Opposite of Topiary," by Justice William W. Bedsworth, May p.44
  • "A Criminal Waste of Space: Cabbages, Kings, and Pink Bollworms," by Justice William W. Bedsworth, April p.46
  • "A Criminal Waste of Space: The Case of Carbonic Reserves," by Justice William W. Bedsworth, March p.46
  • "A Criminal Waste of Space: Crime Does Pay," by Justice William W. Bedsworth, February p.42
  • "Criminal Waste of Space: Getting a Get: Easier Than Ungetting the Get You Got," by William W. Bedsworth, October p.48
  • "A Criminal Waste of Space: Interactive Urinal Cakes," by Justice William W. Bedsworth, December p.46
  • "A Criminal Waste of Space: Me and the Porn Star," by Justice William W. Bedsworth, July p.46
  • "A Criminal Waste of Space: Non-Leapin' Lizards," Justice William W. Bedsworth, November p.44
  • "A Criminal Waste of Space: The Parable of the Wolves and Fishes," by Justice William W. Bedsworth, January p.48
  • "A Criminal Waste Of Space: Those Shoes," Justice William W. Bedsworth, August p.42
  • "A Criminal Waste of Space: A Tough Room for Comedy," by Justice William W. Bedsworth, June p.46
  • "A Criminal Waste Of Space: USDA 43-C-0269," by Justice William W. Bedsworth, September p.54
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: Boob Tube," by Richard W. Millar, Jr., September p.46
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: Death Benefits," by Richard W. Millar, Jr., December p.40
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: Dividing Bleak House," by Richard W. Millar, Jr., October p.42
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: Face Off," by Richard W. Millar, Jr., June p.38
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: Flunking Contracts Twice," by Richard W. Millar, Jr., February p.36
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: Home Court Advantage," Richard W. Millar, Jr., November p.38
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: LLPOF," by Richard W. Millar, Jr., August p.34
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: A Paean to Miss Wiggles," by Richard W. Millar, Jr., July p.40
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: Private Justice," by Richard W. Millar, Jr., January p.38
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: Saluting the Police," by Richard W. Millar, Jr., March p.40
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: Time Slips," by Richard W. Millar, Jr., April p.38
  • "Millar’s JurisDiction: Wanted Poster," by Richard W. Millar, Jr., May p.42

Immigration Law

  • "The 2013 Revised Form I-9: What Is New?" by Agnna Varinia Guzman, December p.34
  • "Immigration Compliance in M&A Transactions," by Mitchell L. Wexler and Blake Miller, August p.18

Intellectual Property & Technology Law

  • "America Invents Act—Now What?" by Kari Barnes, March p.30
  • "Holy Copyright Infringement, Batman!" by David Baker, July p.12
  • "HOPE, Don Henley, Abortion, and the Politics of Fair Use," by Jonathan Segal and Alonzo Wickers IV, October p.24

International Law

  • "Access to Justice in Iraq: From Baghdad to Orange County," by Shelley M. Liberto, October p.14
  • "The Business of Doing Business in China," by Jeffrey C. P. Wang, August p.22

Labor & Employment Law

  • "Is Affirmative Action Out of Date? Fisher Ruling May Affect Private Employers," by Michael A. Gregg, February p.12
  • "New Legislation Affecting California Employers," by Laura Fleming, March p.38
  • "So You Don’t Want Your Employer to Be Your Friend?" by Neil Pederson, March p.34
  • "To Waive or Not to Waive? California Employers Question Whether to Include Class-Action Waivers in Employment Contracts," by Christopher P. Wesierski and Ashley A. Reagan, July p.18

Military & Veteran Law

  • "From Inclusion to Diversity: A Marine’s Perspective," by Jack Williams, November 20
  • "National Defense Authorization Act and Military Sexual Assault/Harassment: Sweeping Reform or Just Words?" by Kyndra Miller Rotunda, March p.18
  • "Operation Veterans Re-Entry: Helping America’s Heroes Return Home," by Antoinette Balta, November p.12
  • "Women in Combat ... Are Americans Ready Yet?" by Justice Eileen C. Moore, March p.10

OCBA Awards, Profiles, Interviews, Employment Opportunities, Mentoring, Goals, Outreach, Pro Bono, Committees, and Perspectives

  • "Cover Story: Abundant Inspiration At PLC’s Volunteers For Justice Dinner," by Kenneth W. Babcock, August p.8
  • "Cover Story: Champion Justice Through Charitable Giving—Charitable Fund Announces 2013 Grant Recipients," by Dimetria A. Jackson, April p.8
  • "Cover Story: Harmon G. Scoville Award Recipient Pearl G. Mann: An Orange County Advocate With New Orleans Charm," by Alan Crivaro, December p.8
  • "Cover Story: OCBA Men and Women in Service," November p.8
  • "Cover Story: The OCBA’s Secretarial Candidates," October p.8
  • "Cover Story: Purposeful Passion," by John C. Hueston, January p.8
  • "Cover Story: West Award Winner: Judge Firmat Walks Humbly as He Seeks Justice and Inspires Many," by Judge Andrew J. Guilford, February p.8
  • "Cover Story: Who’s Who in the OCBA?" March p.8
  • "Cover Story: Who’s Who in the OCBA—The Affiliate Bars," June p.8
  • "Cover Story: The Young Lawyers Division—Bar Passage and Beyond," by Michelle Tran, July p.8
  • "A Cultural Exchange, Compliments of the Masters Division and the Honorable David O. Carter," by Julie M. McCoy, December p.20
  • "Dean’s Corner: Meet the Deans," September p.42
  • "The “Experiential” Law School: What Law Schools Are—or Should Be—Doing to Survive the Coming Revolution in Legal Education," by Martin Pritikin, July p.34
  • "The Honorable Richard M. King: A Fighting Seabee Gets Reflective," by Robby Robinson, November p.10
  • "Index of 2012 Articles," February p.44
  • "Judge Alicemarie Huber Stotler: A Marathon Career," by Judge Judith M. Ryan, June p.16
  • "A Long Journey of Service: The Honorable Nho Trong Nguyen," by Joseph L. Chairez, November p.22
  • "On Lawyering and Fatherhood," June p.36
  • "On Lawyering, by Mothers," May p.34
  • "Orange County Bar Association Charitable Fund 2013 Honorees," September p.8
  • "Outrigger Canoes ... Local Lawyers Race The Summer Away! Winning!" by Rock Kendall, September p.34
  • "President’s Page: Elect to Participate," by Wayne R. Gross, October p.7
  • "President’s Page: Ephemeral Moments," by Wayne R. Gross, September p.7
  • "President’s Page: I Know Where You Live," by Wayne R. Gross, February p.7
  • "President’s Page: Lessons in Judicial Grace," by Wayne R. Gross, July p.7
  • "President’s Page: Making Justice a Reality for All," by Wayne R. Gross, May p.7
  • "President’s Page: Our Code of Honor," by Wayne R. Gross, November p.7
  • "President’s Page: The Power of Saying Yes," by Wayne R. Gross, June p.7
  • "President’s Page: The Privilege of Service Continues," by Wayne R. Gross, December p.6
  • "President’s Page: Rationing Justice," by Wayne R. Gross, April p.7
  • "President’s Page: A Song of Justice," by Wayne R. Gross, March p.7
  • "President’s Page: This Is Your Canvas," by Wayne R. Gross, January p.7
  • "President’s Page: Why We Wear Ties," by Wayne R. Gross," August p.7
  • "Professor Katherine Porter: From Midwestern Farm Girl to California Monitor," by Kelly Zinser, March p.24
  • "Reviving the Spirit of '59," by Robert J. Cohen, September p.24
  • "Ripple Effects: The Honorable David O. Carter on Judicial Diplomacy and the Women Who Will Change the World," by Alan Crivaro, October p.10
  • "Spotlight on OCBA's Legislative Resolutions Committee: Making Changes and Increasing Awareness," by Teresa A. McQueen and Autumn Spaeth, February p.34
  • "Spotlight on OCBA’s Mentoring Committee: Debunking the Myths," by Ashleigh E. Aitken and Dean J. Zipser, April p.18
  • "Thurgood Marshall Bar Association: Advancing Equality for Everyone," by Marion H. Wheeler, Jr., February p.18

Photo Pages (Chronological Order)

  • State Bar of California Admission Ceremony; Home for the Holidays Pet Adoption; Celtic Bar Association of Orange County’s 12th Annual Samhain Eve Celebration; OCBA & the University of California, Irvine School of Law Present Thurgood Marshall: A Salute to a Giant in Civil Rights Jurisprudence and Leadership, January p.48
  • OCBA Holiday Open House & Grand Opening; OCBA Trusts & Estates & Elder Law Joint Holiday Luncheon; OCLBA Holiday Party, February p.48
  • OCBA 2013 Judges’ Night & Annual Meeting, March p.48
  • YLD Open House & Annual Business Meeting; OCBA Alternative Dispute Resolution & Insurance Law Joint Section Meeting; 21st Annual Last Dash & Trade Show, April p.48
  • Bridging the Gap; Chapman University School of Law Public Interest Law Foundation 2013 Awards Dinner; OCBA Business Litigation Section Meeting; Second Harvest Food Bank Harvesting Event, May p.48
  • YLD 2013 Spring Social; OCBA Annual Section Chair Meeting; OCJBA 3rd Annual Dinner, OCBA Mommy Esquire Committee’s Spring Network Playdate: Picnic in the Park, June p.48
  • OCBA Spring Member Mixer; OCBA “Big for a Day”; OCBA Presents the 30th College of Trial Advocacy (Civil), July p.48
  • OCBA State Bar President Reception; 2013 OCBA Masters Division Legends of the Law Reception; OCBA Super Lawyers Reception, August p.48
  • OCBA Charitable Fund 29th Annual Judge Kenneth Lae Charity Golf Tournament; OCBA Affiliate Bar Presidents’ Luncheon; Elder Law Section Meeting; OCBA Summer Member Mixer, September p.56
  • OCBA 2013 New Member Open House; OCBA Intellectual Property/Technology and Entertainment, Sports & Marketing Sections Member Mixer; OCBA Business Litigation Section Meeting; OCBA Community Outreach Committee Beach Clean-Up Event, October p.52
  • OCBA Volunteer Recognition Reception; OCBA Race for the Cure; OCBA Appellate Law Section Meeting; OCBA Trusts and Estates Section Presents Estate Planning and Dispute Resolution in Light of the Judicial System’s Budget Crisis, November p.48
  • OCBA Charitable Fund Annual Fall Fundraiser; OCBA Appellate Law Seminar Presents U.S. Supreme Court Preview; OCBA Specialty Day at Whittier Law School; OCBA Masters Division Pakistani Judges Reception, December p.48

Practice of Law, Procedures, & Related Issues

  • "Advice for the Beginning Practitioner from the Past Chair of the Masters Division," by Julie M. McCoy, April p.20
  • "Approaching the Bench: Does Saying 'No' or 'Not' in a Question Not Make It Unclear Whether the Answer Is in the Negative or the Affirmative? Uh, No ... I Mean, Yes," by Judge Robert Moss, October p.38
  • "Approaching the Bench: Seven Pivotal Practice Tips," by Judge James P. Gray, November p.36
  • "Auld Lang Syne and the Next Forty Years," by Charles Ruck, January p.10
  • "Beware the Witch’s Brew of Rhetorical Hyperbole," by James Juo, October p.20
  • "The Budget Crisis Is Real, and Expedited Jury Trials Can Help," by Mike Maguire, May p.8
  • "FOIA, California Civil Discovery, and the Road to the Great Gotcha Moment," by David J. Cook, December p.30
  • "New Year’s Resolutions: Keys to Health, Wealth, and Happiness," by Jerome M. Bame, January p.34
  • "Proposals for a Brave New (Cash-Strapped) Civil World," by Judge Kirk H. Nakamura, April p.10
  • "Robbed by Your Employees," by David J. Cook, February p.28
  • "Tech Tip: E-Newsletters," by Shirish Gupta, October p.40
  • "Thomas R. Malcolm: Attorney, Teacher, Mentor, and Legend," by Christopher P. Wesierski, June p.20
  • "To Be or Not to Be a Certified Specialist," by Robert Wilyard, October p.30
  • "A View From the Bench," by Judge Thomas J. Borris and Judge Glenda Sanders, May p.9

Public Law

  • "Inverse Condemnation: Negligence Distinguished," by Karie J. Boyd, October p.34
  • "Municipalities Filing Bankruptcy," by Richard A. Marshack and Mougeh Tala-Ahmari, January p.18
  • "New Central Location Legal Process Laws Affect Financial Institutions and Judgment Creditors," by Mark M. Scott, September p.28

Real Estate Law

  • "HomeAid: Building Doorways," by Sonia A. Lister, January p.12

Social Security

  • "Social Security Disability Law 101," by Jeannie H. Kim, July p.26

Tax Law & Financial Planning

  • "2013 Financial New Year’s Resolutions," by Jim Axelson, January p.36
  • "Same Sex Couples Face Complex Tax Rules," by Timothy D. Evans and Megan Asselin, February p.32
  • "Tax Planning for Lawyers," by David W. Klasing, April p.24
  • "Taxation of Patents and Patent Rights," by J.F. Karch, July p.28
  • "Working From Home? Tax Deductions Available," by Tim Evans, April p.30

Workers' Compensation

  • "Work-Related Cumulative Trauma Injuries," by Robert Willyard and Teresa R. Edrington, July p.22

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