2011 Article Index

Index to Articles Appearing in Volume 53, 2011
Orange County Lawyer Magazine


As a service to our readers, follows an index to Features, Special Features, Columns, and select Departments appearing in calendar year 2011. The index is arranged alphabetically by major article topic, then alphabetically within that topic. (Please refer to our online publication for prior Indexes).


Business & Law

  • Don't Be Kwik to Claim "Made in USA," by Michael L. Baroni, May p.22
  • Is Prop. 65 Carcinogenic to Business?, by Travis J. Burch, January p.16

Constitutional Law

  • Celebrating Our Constitution, by Michael L. Baroni, November p.12
  • "DOMA Unconstitutional": Majority of Central District of California Bankruptcy Judges Agree, by Richard A. Marshack, Sarah C. Boone, and Kendra M. Simon, October p.22
  • Westboro Baptist and the Limits of Religious Speech, by Lorin Geitner, May p.40

Corporations & Business Entities

  • How to Make Sure Your Buy-Sell Agreements Work, by Royce Stutzman, April p.30

Court News & Opinions

  • The Honorable Josephine Tucker: Orange County's Newest Federal Judge, by Julie M. McCoy, February p.12
  • Working Together to Keep Our Courts Open, by Alan Carlson, July p.10

Dispute Resolution

  • Jury Mediation: A New Tool to Resolve Cases, by Richard Gabriel, October p.38
  • Settlement Agreements 101—Practice Tips for Every Lawyer, by Daniel Beebe, October p.31

Education & the Law

  • Experiential Learning at Western State Enriches Orange County, by Jennifer Lee Koh and David Groshoff, September p.20
  • MCLE Calendar, January p.24
  • MCLE Calendar, February p.27
  • MCLE Calendar, March p.27
  • MCLE Calendar, April p.28
  • MCLE Calendar, May p.28
  • MCLE Calendar, June p.26
  • MCLE Calendar, July p.26
  • MCLE Calendar, August p.26
  • MCLE Calendar, September p.28
  • MCLE Calendar, October p.28
  • MCLE Calendar, November p.24
  • MCLE Calendar, December p.26
  • Mentoring in Law School—Clinical Opportunities at Orange County Law Schools, by Katelyn Walsh and Jessica John, July p.16
  • My Externship Adventure—The Orange County Lawyer Magazine, by Adam Pollock, November p.34
  • The State Bar's Moral Character Application and Requirements, by Maryam Isles, September p.34
  • Want to Start Your Own Law School?, by Ron Isles, September p.40

Environmental Law

  • The Coming Crisis in the North: A Perfect Storm in the Arctic Sea Ice Melt, by Jon Miller, February p.14

Ethics & Professional Responsibility

  • Ethically Speaking: 2010 California Ethics Case Highlights, January p.36
  • Ethically Speaking: A Tale of Two Privilege Rules, March p.40
  • Ethically Speaking: Are You Engaging in the Unauthorized Practice of Law in Other States?, February p.32
  • Ethically Speaking: Conflicts of Interest in Business Transactions With Clients, by Heather Porter Condon, September p.44
  • Ethically Speaking: Duty of Loyalty Trumps First Amendment Rights, by Carole J. Buckner, July p.40
  • Ethically Speaking: Ethical Concerns Regarding Mediation Confidentiality and the Implications of Cassel, by Robert K. Sall, April p.42
  • Ethically Speaking: Handling Your Adversary's Privileged Documents to Avoid Disqualification, by Howard J. Klein, October p.50
  • Ethically Speaking: Navigating the Seven Cs, by Joel M. Pores, August p.35
  • Ethically Speaking: Outsourcing to Temporary Attorneys, by Erin Giglia and Laurie Rowen, December p.40
  • Ethically Speaking: Personal Emailing from Work, by Scott B. Garner, June p.40
  • Ethically Speaking: The Rules of "Friending," by Rebecca Clifford, November p.38
  • Ethically Speaking: You Can't Take it With You ... or Can You?, by Jennifer R. Bagosy, May p.44

Family Law

  • Family Law Corner: Social Media Caveat, by Laurel Brauer, August p.32
  • Family Law Corner: Some Benefits of Mediation and Collaborative Law, by Judy Williams and John Denny, April p.36
  • Family Law Corner: The Reverse Request, by Commissioner Richard G. Vogl, February p.29

Government Agency & Regulatory Law

  • Rebuttal: The Other Truth About Marijuana Collectives, by Donna Bader, October p.14
  • The Truth About Marijuana Dispensaries, by A. Patrick Muñoz, August p.18

History of the Law

  • Dubitante, by Edward EmanuEl, December p.12

Humor & the Law

  • A Criminal Waste of Space: A New Kind of Custody Battle, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, June p.44
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Bunting for Boilerplate, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, March p.42
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, November p.42
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Dog Bites Man Bites Broadcasting Career, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, May p.48
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Eat, Drink, and Hire Lawyers, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, September p.48
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Electoral Processpool, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, January p.42
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Getting Up, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, February p.36
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Typos ..., by Justice William W. Bedsworth, April p.46
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Jabberwocky, Part Deux, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, August p.40
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Jarndyce Heirs Finally Inherit, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, December p.44
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Zero Plus Zero Equals Trouble, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, July p.44
  • Dinner Guests Wanting for Nothing, by Jeff Isles, August p.22
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Ethics Check, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., September p.42
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Following the Spirits—Channeling a Client's Ex-Wife, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., January p.34
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Love Can Be Taxing, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., April p.34
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Love's Labour's Lost (By Court Decree), by Richard W. Millar, Jr., June p.38
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Mommy Dearest, Part Deux, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., November p.36
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., December p.38
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Spin Cycle, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., March p.38
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Taxing Night Moves, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., August p.38
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Three Cheers for the Fifth Circuit, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., October p.46

Immigration Law

    • A Primer on Electronic Employment Verification (E-Verify), by Laura Fleming, March p.16
    • Motions to Vacate Based on Immigration Consequences, by Sandra Williams, June p.20
    • Reforming Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Breaking the Congressional Stalemate, by Greg Berk, March p.12

Insurance Law

  • Recent Decisions Demonstrate Broad Scope of Insurers' Duties to Defend and Indemnify Their Insureds, by Aneeta Kumar and Randy G. Gerchick, July p.12
  • The Armstrong Election—A Misnomer with a Powerful Purpose, by Dan Jacobson, September p.16

Intellectual Property Law

  • Video Games and Amateur Athletes: Who Controls Their Image?, by D. John Hendrickson, October p.12

Internet & the Law

  • Seniors Can Do Social Media, Internet, and Master the New Age in Computers, by Jon Miller, March p.28
  • The Revolution Will Be Live-Blogged, by Lisa Brown, March p.22
  • TMI: Online Tools for the Digital Trial Attorney, by David J. Cook, June p.30

Military Law

  • Expanding Your Horizons in the California Army National Guard, by Captain Dwight Stirling and Crystal Gunder, October p.18

OCBA Awards, Profiles, Employment Opportunities, Goals, Outreach, Pro Bono, Committees, Etc.

  • A Criminal Waste of Space: David George Sills (March 21, 1938 - August 23, 2011), by Justice William W. Bedsworth, October p.10
  • Before He Was President, He Was a Local Attorney, by Paul Carter, March p.34
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters, by Michael L. Baroni, December p.18
  • Cover Story: As Good as it Gets, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, April p.8
  • Cover Story: A Totally Awesome Celebration, a Most Excellent Cause, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, September p.8
  • Cover Story: Beam Me Up, Mr. Cohen, by R. Thomas Peterson, May p.8
  • Cover Story: Celebrating Thirty Years of CRF-OC, by Karen Walter, November p.8
  • Cover Story: It Started at a Local High School, by Wayne Gross, January p.8
  • Cover Story: OCBA Community Outreach Committee Raises the Bar in 2011, by Sara L. Parker and Sherri L. Honer, December p.8
  • Cover Story: OCBA Secretarial Candidates 2011—Ashleigh Aitken and Teresa McQueen, October p.8
  • Cover Story: Poster Child—Judge Briseño Gets the West Award, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., February p.8
  • Cover Story: Public Law Center's 30th Anniversary Celebrated at Volunteers for Justice Dinner, by Kenneth W. Babcock, August p.8
  • Cover Story: The Young Lawyers Division, by Mac Cabal, July p.8
  • Cover Story: Who's Who in the OCBA, March p.8
  • Cover Story: Who's Who in the OCBA—The Affiliate Bars, June p.8
  • Index to Articles Appearing in Volume 52, 2010 Orange County Lawyer Magazine, February p.42
  • Job Options, by Michael E. Raabe, November p.26
  • President's Page: An Enduring Lesson from a Former CEO, by John C. Hueston, February p.7
  • President's Page: An OCBA Membership Edge—A Video Preview of Your Judge, by John C. Hueston, July p.6
  • President's Page: Building a Better Bar—Increased Diversity at a Lower Cost, by John C. Hueston, May p.6
  • President's Page: Cast Your Vote to Ensure a Vital and Representative Board, by John C. Hueston, October p.6
  • President's Page: Keys to Making a Successful Transition Within the Law, by John C. Hueston, April p.6
  • President's Page: Lessons from Judge Johnson and Our Priorities for 2011, by John C. Hueston, January p.6
  • President's Page: Meeting 2011 Goals, by John C. Hueston, December p.6
  • President's Page: Meet Members of the New Entertainment, Sports, & Marketing Law Section at Anaheim Stadium, by John C. Hueston, August p.6
  • President's Page: Mentor Courage, by John C. Hueston, March p.6
  • President's Page: Our Statewide Court Budget Crisis, by John C. Hueston, November p.6
  • President's Page: The Masters Division Leaps Forward, by John C. Hueston, June p.6
  • President's Page: The OCBA Charitable Fund Nearly Doubles Student Outreach Initiative, by John C. Hueston, September p.6
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Profiles of Judge Thompson and California Bar Executive Director Dunn, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., July p.38
  • Professor and Presidential Protector, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., May p.30
  • Thoughts on an Ethical Family Lawyer, by Gary S. Gorczyca, August p.28


  • OCBA Charitable Fund Fall Fundraiser, January p.46
  • OCBA 2011 Mentoring Program Kick-Off Reception, State Bar Swearing In Ceremony, Western State College of Law Swearing In Ceremony, YLD Holiday Reception, Trusts & Estates & Elder Law Joint Section Holiday Luncheon, February p. 50
  • OCBA 2011 Judges' Night & Annual Meeting, March p.49
  • OCBA Presiding Judge Reception, OCBA Annual Section Chair Meeting, CRF-OC Annual Mock Trial Awards Luncheon, OCBA, YLD, & the Daily Journal's Bridging the Gap Program, April p.53
  • OCBA State Bar President Reception, OCBA Spring Member Mixer, OCHBA 33rd Annual Installation Dinner & Scholarship Fundraiser, OCBA Specialty Section Day, May p.53
  • Chapman University School of Law Reception for Dean Tom Campbell, OCBA Commercial Law & Bankruptcy Section Meeting, OCBA Elder Law Section Meeting, YLD Spring Social 2011, June p.49
  • OCBA Annual Law Day Luncheon, OCBA Annual Call-A-Lawyer Program, YLD Brown Bag Lunch with Orange County Superior Court Complex Civil Judges, OCAABA 18th Annual Installation Dinner, YLD Bad News Bearristers, July p.49
  • State Bar of California Admission Ceremony, Western State University College of Law Swearing In Ceremony, OCBA Charitable Fund 27th Annual Judge Kenneth Lae Charity Golf Tournament, August p.49
  • Public Law Center Annual Volunteers for Justice Dinner, OCBA Summer Member Mixer, OCLBA First Anniversary Party, YLD Summer Food Packaging Event, September p.53
  • OCBA New Member Reception 2011, OCBA Community Outreach Beach Clean Up Event, OCBA Appellate Law Section Court of Appeal Staff Appreciation Lunch, 2011 Project SELF Recognition Dinner, October p.53
  • OCBA Masters Division Inaugural Event, OCBA Entertainment, Sports, & Marketing Law Section Kick-Off, Second Harvest Food Bank Harvesting Event, November p.46

Practice of Law, Including e-Discover, Procedures, & Related Issues

  • Amicus Curiae, by Edward EmanuEl, August p.14
  • Animation as Demonstrative Evidence in Court, by Drew Gillett and Peder Rudling, June p.28
  • Beware Greentree's Bark, by William O'Neill, February p.10
  • Code of Civil Procedure Section 998, by William M. Hensley, September p.10
  • Explaining to Clients Why They May Need You to Hire a Trial Consultant, by Danny Carrao, September p.30
  • Getting Your Career in Gear, by David J. Cook, May p.32
  • Hot Practice Areas: Should Your Firm Expand into Them?, by Kevin W. Brown, September p.38
  • Jurors Are Tech Savvy; Now, It's Your Turn, by Noah Wick and R. Craig Smith, June p.18
  • Lost in Digital Translation, by Early Langley, November p.30
  • Persuasion in the Courtroom: Six Social Psychological Principles for Winning, by Jonathan M. Lytle, April p.24
  • Picking a Jury: The Art of Exclusion, by Mark S. Adams, April p.18
  • Selecting a Handwriting Expert, by Sheila Lowe, November p.18
  • The Domino Effect of Juror Decision-Making, by Jonathan M. Lytle, July p.28
  • The Tips Just Keep on Comin': Ten More Tips for Better Trial Advocacy, by The Hon. Franz E. Miller, April p.10

Real Estate

  • Big Development in the Short Sale Marketplace, by Robert A. Von Esch IV, December p.28

Religion & the Law

  • Comments on the San Francisco November 2011 Ballot to Ban Circumcision, by Daniel Jackson, July p.30
  • Merry Seasons' Controversy, by Lorin Geitner, January p.10

Tax Law & Financial Planning

  • 2010 Estate Tax Legislation for Non-Estate Planners, by Curtis M. Kaiser and Mark E. Powell, May p.18
  • Estate Planning and Taxes: A Primer for Every Practitioner, by Bryan D. Eisenbise, January p.26
  • Social Security Benefits 101, by Francine J. Lipman and James E. Williamson, December p.30
  • Social Security Benefits Formula 101, by Francine J. Lipman and James E. Williamson, May p.10

The Orange County Lawyer magazine gratefully acknowledges the substantial research and organization of Elise Diamond and Adam Pollock, Law Student Externs of the magazine. This and a decade of Indexes are available on the OCBA website.