2010 Article Index

Index to Articles Appearing in Volume 52, 2010
Orange County Lawyer Magazine


As a service to our readers, follows an index to Features, Special Features, Columns, and select Departments appearing in calendar year 2010. The index is arranged alphabetically by major article topic, then alphabetically within that topic. (Please refer to our online publication for prior Indexes).



  • Bankruptcy 101: The Basics for Non-Bankruptcy Practitioners, by Todd C. Ringstad, January p.29

Constitutional Law

  • Essay on the Pragmatism of Original Intent: Returning to the Trespass Standard of the Fourth Amendment, by Jeremy M. Miller, September p.10

Corporations and Business Entities

  • Change in Control Provisions in Executives' Severance Compensation Agreements, by Stuart P. Jasper, November p.26
  • Confidentiality Agreements—What Every Business Lawyer Should Know, by Daniel Beebe, October p.10
  • Inadvertent Franchises and the GrayBar Hotel, by Gerard P. Davey and James M. Mulcahy, June p.18
  • Officer and Director Liability: A Growing Risk in California Wage and Hour Litigation, by Jon G. Miller and Mindy H. Baldwin, December p.8
  • Protecting Corporate and Labor Union Involvement in Elections, by Michael Houston, July p.10

Court News and Opinions

  • Appellate Court "Secrets"—Finally Revealed, by Betsy Forbath, Janice Patronite, and Nate Scott, February p.36
  • Cumis Codified: California Civil Code §2860 and the Right to Independent Counsel, by Herbert P. Kunowski, February p.18
  • Leadership Academy, by The Hon. Frederick P. Aguirre, October p.32

Dispute Resolution—Arbitration and Mediation

  • Arbitration, Class Actions, and Unconscionability, by Elliot Silverman, October p.22
  • Bridging Alignments in Mediation, by B. Kent Warner and Nova Reed, December p.32
  • Family Law Mediation: Expanding the Frontiers of Alternative Dispute Resolution, by Terri Breer, January p.18
  • Tactics and Strategies for Mediating the Multi-Party Complex Construction Case, by Randy Erickson, March p.22
  • "Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore," by The Hon. Michael Orfield, Ret., July p.18

Education and the Law

  • Four Orange County Inns of Court Promote Legal Excellence and Civility, by Rock Kendall, July p.22
  • Millar's JurisDiction: A Missourian at the Helm—Chapman's New Dean, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., April p.36
  • Special Education Law Initiative, by Kathleen M. Loyer, September p.20

Environmental Law

  • Trustee and Beneficiary Liability for Contaminated Property, by Laurel Adcock, December p.19

Ethics and Professional Responsibility

  • Ethically Speaking: 2009 Ethics Round-Up, by the OCBA's Professionalism and Ethics Committee, January p.39
  • Ethically Speaking: Advice to In-House Counsel, by Michael Baroni, February p.42
  • Ethically Speaking: Coito v. Superior Court and Discoverability of Witness Statements, by Lisa Glasser and Alastair Gamble, September p.38
  • Ethically Speaking: Finance and Friendship—Judicial Bias May Violate Due Process, by Carole J. Buckner, April p.42
  • Ethically Speaking: High Courts Address Attorney-Client Privilege, by Carole J. Buckner, March p.40
  • Ethically Speaking: Law Firm Names, by Cameron Smith, December p.38
  • Ethically Speaking: Malicious Prosecution—Has the Bar Been Lowered?, by Howard J. Klein, November p.38
  • Ethically Speaking: Managing Expectations—What Lawyers Can Do to Avoid Malpractice, by Robert K. Sall, October p.40
  • Ethically Speaking: Modification of Lawyer-Client Fee Agreements, by Carole J. Buckner, May p.38
  • Ethically Speaking: The Uncertainty Surrounding the State of the Law of Ethical Screens, by Scott B. Garner and Isabelle Carrillo Smith, June p.26
  • Tips for Handling High Profile Media Cases, by Marc P. Miles, August p.12

Family Law

  • Family Law Corner: Child Support by Administrative Process?, by Commissioner Richard G. Vogl, June p.36
  • Family Law Corner: Limiting the Use of Ex Parte Applications, by John R. Schilling, August p.34
  • Family Law Corner: Transmutation of the Character of Property, by Bruce Hughes, April p.38
  • Philosophies, by The Hon. Kim R. Hubbard, June p.23

Government Agency Law

  • Legal Fireworks, by The Hon. Dan McNerney, July p.20

Humor and the Law

  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Accursed Congress, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, November p.42
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Carpentry Without Tools, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, May p.42
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Cats, Frogs, and Naked Women, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, April p.46
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Dopes and Robbers, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, October p.44
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Fatheads, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, January p.46
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: "Law Enforcement for the Soul ... Center", by Justice William W. Bedsworth, March p.45
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: My Retirement, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, February p.45
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Send in the Clowns, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, June p.38
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: "Take Me Out to the Pre-Trial", by Justice William W. Bedsworth, December p.42
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: The Power and the Glory, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, July p.40
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: The Same Only Different, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, September p.44
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: War of the Words, by Justice William W. Bedsworth, August p.36
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Abandon Hope or Hope for Abandonment?, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., June p.34
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Couch Potato?, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., February p.40
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Face-Off, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., May p.36
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Family Law Gets Two New Judges, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., December p.36
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Monkey Business, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., March p.38
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Of Beer and Snails and Mice and Men—A Tribute to Ken Babcock, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., August p.30
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Practice Safe Speech—Buy a Condom, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., November p.22
  • Millar's JurisDiction: Running on Short Legs—A Profile of Art Nakazato, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., October p.38
  • Millar's JurisDiction: "Take My Mother-in-Law—Please", by Richard W. Millar, Jr., July p.38
  • Millar's JurisDiction: The Doctor Is In, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., September p.36

Immigration Law

  • Immigration Law for the Criminal Lawyer, by Josh Effron, December p.26

Labor and Employment

  • Are Employer Surveys in Employment Class Actions Subject to Discovery?, by Aashish Y. Desai, July p.33
  • Ten Reasons Every Employer Should Have an Employee Handbook, by Jennifer L. McClain, April p.10

Medical Malpractice Law

  • Reducing Litigation Risk for Primary Care Physicians Through Checks and Balances, by Jeffrey A. Milman, November p.18

OCBA Awards, Goals, Outreach, Pro Bono, Committees, Etc.

  • A Final Lesson from My Father: The Lasting Value of Mentoring, by Julie M. McCoy, March p.34
  • A Resigning Judge, by The Hon. Peter J. Polos, Ret, April p.14
  • Behind the Scenes: The OCBA Employment and Labor Law Section, by Julie Schisler, July p.36
  • Behind the Scenes: The OCBA Immigration Law Section, by Greg Berk, August p.33
  • Behind the Scenes: The Pro Bono Committee: The Foreclosure Prevention Project and Other Opportunities to Serve, by Jeanne A. Thomas and Donna L. Snow, January p.38
  • Cover Story: Donald S. Gray: The Franklin G. West Award Recipient—A Gentleman, a Leader, and a Hero, by Dean J. Zipser, February p.8
  • Cover Story: Lei Lei Wang Ekvall—2010 OCBA President, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., January p.7
  • Cover Story: Mary Pat Toups—A Lifetime of Pro Bono Service, by Cathrine M. Castaldi, May p.8
  • Cover Story: OCBA 2011 Secretarial Candidate Statements—Thomas H. Bienert, Jr., and Solange Ritchie, October p.8
  • Cover Story: Public Law Center—2010 Volunteers for Justice, by Kenneth W. Babcock, August p.8
  • Cover Story: Surf's Up—Let's Celebrate, by Michael G. Yoder, April p.8
  • Cover Story: Take a Swing for Charity, by Michael G. Yoder, April p.8
  • Cover Story: The Young Lawyers Division—"Weathering the Storm", by J. Edward Wilson, July p.8
  • Cover Story: Who's Who in the OCBA, March p.8
  • Cover Story: Who's Who in the OCBA—The Affiliate Bars, June p.8
  • Human Trafficking in Orange County—Volunteer and Help a Victim Rebuild His or Her Life, by Kirsten Kreymann, March p.36
  • Index to Articles Appearing in Volume 51, 2009 Orange County Lawyer Magazine, June p.42
  • Mentor on Demand, by Julie M. McCoy and Teresa A. McQueen, December p.14
  • New Year's Resolution: I Will Write for the Orange County Lawyer Magazine!, by Jeremy M. Miller, p.39
  • Packing 1,870 Food Boxes "With Love", by Christine R. Lee, September p.18
  • President's Page: Better With Age and More in Demand, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, October p.7
  • President's Page: Hazing Rituals, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, January p.8
  • President's Page: It's Like Comparing Apples to Oranges but Let's Not Forget About Kumquats and Kiwis, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, September p.7
  • President's Page: Law Day, Every Day, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, May p.7
  • President's Page: Peas, Harmony, and Balance, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, June p.7
  • President's Page: Presidents' Day Cocktail Party Small Talk, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, February p.7
  • President's Page: Soon a Has-Been and Going Back to Being Just a Ski Bum, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, December p.6
  • President's Page: Spring into Action, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, April p.7
  • President's Page: The Big E's: E-mail, E-filing, and Other Electronic Devices and Systems, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, March p.7
  • President's Page: The Grinch and the Public Good, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, November p.7
  • President's Page: Wax On, Wax Off, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, August p.7
  • President's Page: What Can We Learn from an '80s Rocker?, by Lei Lei Wang Ekvall, July p.7
  • Welcome Back, Miller, by The Hon. Dan McNerney, May p.21
  • Who's Who in the OCBA Committees—The 2010 Chairs and Co-Chairs, May p.22

Practice of Law, Including E-Discovery, Procedures, and Related Issues

  • Are You Paying Fair Market Value for Legal Databases?, by Daniel Raphael, March p.14
  • Avoid SLAPP Motions, by James J. Moneer, April p.30
  • Bribes and Boasting: New Rules for Social Media Advertising, by Michael Baroni, March p.10
  • Driving Under the Influence of Medicinal Marijuana in California, by Vincent Howard, December p.16
  • Forensic Collections in E-Discovery, by Sheryl L. Katz, March p.18
  • How to Avoid a Computer Disaster, by Tim Coco, August p.27
  • How to Manage the Investigative Function in Evaluating Expert Witnesses, by Jennifer A. Conta, May p.10
  • Legal Blogging: Marketing Your Practice, by Dan X. Nguyen, July p.30
  • Leveling the Playing Field in Contract Disputes, by Kevin Martin, August p.22
  • Six Ways Law Firms Can Cut Computer Costs in a Down Economy, by Tim Coco, February p.23
  • Ten Tips for Better Trial Court Advocacy, by The Hon. Franz E. Miller, May p.26
  • Venturing Out on Your Own: Is Going Solo for You?, by Donnie Ho and Michelle Nguyen, September p.22
  • Work-Home Balance in the Legal Profession?, by Anonymous, August p.18

Real Estate

  • Representing Property Owners in Disputes with Homeowners Associations, by Barry A. Ross, March p.28
  • Stopping the Assembly Line: Why Litigation Is Not the Answer to the Foreclosure Crisis, by Kerry W. Franich, June p.11
  • The Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis: Can We Talk?, by Robert A. Merring, January p.9
  • Utilizing Witnesses Surrounding Complex Real Estate Development Cases, by Barry Gross and David Parr, March p.30

Religion and the Law

  • Eruv and Establishment, by Lorin Geitner, July p.26
  • Law and Religion—The First Amendment and the Problems of Alienation, by Lorin Geitner, February p.28
  • Rewards and Challenges: My Law School Experience, by Adam Pollock, September p.32

Tax Law

  • Refreshing Your Recollection: 2009 Tax Filing and Payments, by Francine J. Lipman, May p.34
  • Saving Private Ryan's Tax Refund, by Francine J. Lipman, February p.10

Torts and Related Issues

  • Familiarization with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, by Libby Willrich, September p.28

Unfair Competition Law

  • California's Unfair Competition Law: Some Substantive and Procedural Limits on Private UCL Actions, by Jeremy G. March, April p.18

Veterans Law and Related Issues

  • Called for Duty, by David Lee, November p.16
  • Marines, Law School, Vietnam, Attorney, JAG, Judge, by The Hon. Francisco Briseño, November p.12
  • National Guard JAG Internship, by Captain Dwight Stirling and Kimberly Wagner, October p.28
  • Never Again Shall One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another, by The Hon. Eileen C. Moore, November p.8
  • Recognizing Four Vets, We Honor Them All, by Robert C. Robinson, November p.14
  • VA Medical Negligence—A Trial Lawyer's Perspective, by Jeff Milman, April p.28
  • Veterans' Day, by Eugen Andres, November p.10

The Orange County Lawyer magazine gratefully acknowledges the substantial research and organization of Elise Diamond and Adam Pollock, Law Student Externs of the magazine. This and a decade of Indexes are available at www.ocbar.org.