2004 Article Index

2004 Topical Index to Articles & Columns
Appearing in Orange County Lawyer Magazine 

As a service to our readers, follows an index to Features, Special Features, Columns, and select Departments appearing in calendar year 2004. The index is arranged alphabetically by major article topic, then alphabetically within that topic.

Book and Software Reviews
  • Book Reviews: Knowledge… and Security, by Michael E. Raabe, February p.40
  • Deja Vu Review, by Michael E. Raabe, June p.42
  • Reviews of Books, Software and the Inexplicable, by Michael E. Raabe, March p.50
  • The Tale of David and Goliath: A Software Review, by Michael E. Raabe, April p.44
Business and Law
  • Breaking the Code of Business Valuation Opinions, by Carl Lloyd Sheeler, July p.29
  • Empirical Support for Illiquidity Discount Levels: Is it Time for a New Road Map, by Carl Lloyd Sheeler, August p.16
  • Sham Business Valuation Results Destroy Advisor Credibility, by Carl Lloyd Sheeler, March p.20
Civil Procedure and Related Issues
  • The “Clone” Derivative Lawsuit, by Peter M. Stone and Jay C. Gandhi, July p.34
  • Judgment on the Pleadings — The Second Chance Demurrer, by Amanda (“Amy”) M. Riley, January p.16
  • Litigators Beware, by Jeffrey Lewis, November p.18
  • Pitfalls in Defending the Rule 30(b)(6) Witness, by Christopher W. Arledge, November p.20
  • When an Actor is Not Part of the Action, by Peter Afrasiabi, December p.34
Class Action
  • Master of the Complaint — The Role of Class Counsel, by Aashish Y. Desai, August p.32
Computers and the Law
  • Bulletproof Backups, by Jeff Lenning, July p.22
Constitutional Law and Constitutional Criminal Procedure
  • Criminal Procedure Pronouncements of the U.S. Supreme Court, by Charles H. Whitebread, October p.36
  • Habeas, Civil and Criminal Statutory Interpretation, by Charles H. Whitebread, November p.34
  • Significant Pronouncements of the High Court, by Charles H. Whitebread, December p.14
Contracts and Related Issues
  • Contract Interpretation and the Parol Evidence Rule, by Todd Green, May p.18
  • Effective Use of Work Made for Hire Agreements, by Brock Shinen, May p.14
  • Fraud is a Funny Thing, by Todd Green, April p.36
Criminal Law
  • Forgery and the Handwriting Expert, by Sheila R. Lowe, September p.46
Dispute Resolution — Mediation, Arbitration, Negotiation
  • Attention to Detail Crucial in Mediating Class Action Disputes, by Robert W. Thompson and The Hon. William F. McDonald (Ret.), May p.22
  • Class Action Arbitration — The Chickens Come Home to Roost, by Aashish Y. Desai, March p.36
  • Mediation is Confidential — Not Exactly, by William J. Caplan, March p.16
  • Peril of Private Justice: Suspension of Proceedings, by Marc Alexander, September p.24
Elder Law
  • President’s Page: The Best Laid Plans, by Kim R. Hubbard, October p.5
  • President’s Page: A National Disgrace — Financial Abuse of the Elderly, by Kim R. Hubbard, June p.5
  • President’s Page: Protective Proceedings for Elder and Dependent Adults: A Model Program to Assist the Unbefriended, by Kim R. Hubbard, January p.4
  • President’s Page: Whose Problem is it?, by Kim R. Hubbard, September p.5
Employment Law
  • Employment Law: New Stringent Penalties, by Amanda (Amy) M. Riley, July p.40
  • New Employment Authority Explores New Territory: Will Rogers, Mark Twain and Gender Identity, by Amanda (Amy) M. Riley, September p.10
  • Ten Employment Law Mistakes Most Law Firms Make, by James J. McDonald, Jr., February p.10
Estates, Trusts, Probate, and Related Issues
  • Deadlock Doesn’t Have to Mean Good-bye, by David R. Haberbush, May p.8
Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Formal Opinion 2003 — 02 Attorney-Client Sexual Relations, January p.32
  • Formal Opinion 2003 — 01 Client Perjury and the Criminal defense Attorney, January p.20

  • Class, There’ll Be No Kelly Test this Week, by David G. Epstein, February p.32

Family Law Corner and Family Law

  • Business Ownership and Employment: Pitfalls for the Divorcing Spouse, by Michelle A. Reinglass and John Igarashi, February p.50
  • Children Have Rights, by Commissioner Richard G. Vogl, November p.52
  • Child Support and the Passport, by Dee Dinne, September p.53
  • The Collaborative Divorce, by Lisa K. Risner, October p. 54
  • Delegated Authority for Timesharing, by Commissioner Richard G. Vogl, January p.50
  • Family Law and Mental Health, by John H. Smith, III, June p.52
  • Immunity for the Experts!, by Roger E. Lehman, May p.54
  • Keeping Kids First, by Gerald L. Klein, December p.48
  • The Penal Code in Family Law, by Laurel Peniche and Greg Ricks, March p. 44
  • Tax Returns v. Income Declarations, by Marsha Baucom, August p.45
  • Valuing that Floating Dream, by Richard W. Pacelli, April p.54

History and the Law

  • The Seminal Case, by The Hon. Dan McNerney, April p.21

Humor and the Law

  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Canadian Prison Tattoos, by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, December p.45
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: FCC Stands for “Fidel’s Crank Call”, by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, June p.48
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: FERAL CHIHUAHUAS KILL THOUSANDS IN CALIFORNIA, by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, February p.44
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: GETTING TO SABBATH, by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, March p.40
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Just Deserts, by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, May p.48
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: THE LIGHTS ARE ON IN BOLINAS, by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, January p.46
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Look at Them Toe-Lickers, Ain’t They Somethin’?, by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, October p.48
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Planes, Trains and… Cows, by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, July p.42
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Sorry, We’re Fresh Out, by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, August p.40
  • A Dog’s Life, by The Hon. Dan McNerney, August p.8
  • Doughnut Holes, by The Hon. Dan McNerney, October p.16
  • Famous Last Words — Wrestling with a Dilemma, December p.10
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — Be a Real Friend of the Court: Gkost Write the Opinion, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., November p.6
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — Charging for Typos: A New Method for Determining Fee Requests, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., May p.6
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — The DEA Hunk: Putting the Trap in Entrapment, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., April p.6
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — Eat at Joe’s, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., October p.6
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — Excuse Me Judge, My Boss is Lying, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., July p.6
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — Houston, We Have an Identity Problem, by Richard W. Millar, September p.6
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — A King is Dethroned: Campaigning ain’t Easy in the Big Easy, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., January p.10
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — A Rainy Night in Georgia, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., June p.6
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — Recent News Flash, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., December p.6
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — A Tale of Two Cities: the Dark Side of Extradition, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., March p.8
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — Talking Back to the DMV: Grounds for Attorney Discipline?, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., August p.6
  • Millar’s JurisDiction — Whither thou Goest, and Whatever thou Sayest, thy Navigator Knows, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., February p.6
  • Play Ball, by The Hon. Dan McNerney, March p.10
  • Roadwork, by The Hon. Dan McNerney, July p.16
  • Sampson Shrugged, by The Hon. Dan McNerney, November p.14
  • What’s for Dinner, by The Hon. Dan McNerney, June p.14

Insurance Law

  • The Exciting Adventure of an Insurer’s Duty to Defend, by Amanda (amy) M. Riley, December p.40

Intellectual Property

  • Application of the Fair Use Doctrine, by Brock Shinen, June p.18
  • Do you Adequately Protect Your Proprietary Information in Today’s Competitive World?, by Michelle M. McCliman, June p.22

International Law

  • Cuban Dolphins, Cigars and Trading with the Enemy, by Tim Ashby, February p.25
  • U.S. Supreme Court Leaves “Door Ajar”, by Russell S. Kerr, October p. 22

Jurisprudence, General Interest, etc.

  • A COMET YCLEPT CROSBY (1940-2004), by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, April p.50
  • Feminist Jurisprudence in Law Review Articles: The Quest for Equality, by Dani Dawson
  • Home on the Range, by Donna Bader, April p.18
  • “If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me”, by The Hon. James P. Gray, April p. 42
  • Index to Articles Appearing in Volume 45, 2003 Orange County Lawyer Magazine, January p.40
  • Mock Trial State Finals Come to Orange County, by The Hon. Raymond J. Ikola. January p.14
  • Next Stop…, by Brock Shinen, September p.33
  • Personal Renaissance, by David Perry, July p.13
  • President’s Page: The Art of Conversation, by Kim R. Hubbard, July p.5
  • President’s Page: Balancing Act, by Kim R. Hubbard, February p.5
  • President’s Page: Evolution and Remembrance, by Kim R. Hubbard, November p.5
  • President’s Page: The Maxims of Jurisprudence, by Kim R. Hubbard, April p.5
  • President’s Page: And Now for Something Completely Different, by Kim R. Hubbard, August p.5
  • President’s Page: Singing to the Choir, by Kim R. Hubbard, May p.5
  • Socialization and the Future of Small Business, by Jonathan L. Miller, April p.24
  • Stressbuster: Your Personal Safety Plan, by David Bergland, September p.18
  • The Trek to Better Health: The Exercise Odyssey, by Amanda (Amy) M. Riley, April p.46
  • Your Dream Practice is Within Your Reach, by Brock Shinen, April p.14

Jury Issues

  • Appraising Intangibles: How Jurors Award Non-Economic Damages, by Harry J. Plotkin, May p.44
  • Contractual Waivers of the Right to Trial by Jury, by Todd Green, June p.8

OCBA Goals, Outreach, Pro Bono, Committees, etc.

  • Charitable Fund Report, February p.31, March p.29, April p.33, May p.33, June p.31, July p.28, August p.28, September p.32, October p.33, November p.31, December p.24
  • Cover Story: Andrew “Andy” J. Guilford — The 2003 Franklin G. West Award Recipient, by Danni R. Murphy, February p.14
  • Cover Story: OCBA Secretary Candidates for 2005, Cathrine M. Castaldi and Joseph L . Chairez, November p.10
  • Cover Story: Our Court of Appeal, by Donna Bader, August p.10
  • Cover Story: The Public Law Center’s 2004 Volunteer Recognition Dinner — A Night to Remember, by Kenneth W. Babcock, September p. 14
  • Cover Story: Who’s Who in the OCBA — Part II, April p.10
  • Cover Story: Who’s Who in the OCBA — Part I, March p.6
  • Cover Story: The Young Lawyers Division — Getting Associates Out of Their Offices, by Jennifer M. Wood, July p.10
  • Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap!, by Kyle Crenshaw, April p.40
  • Financial Statements, August p.29
  • Guidelines for Authors — Orange County Lawyer Magazine, April p.59
  • Info Link: “211” Referrals to the Rescue, by Linda A. Albers, April p.39
  • LawSuits 2004: Continuing to Provide Hope, by Dana Silver, June p.12
  • OCBA Proposed Bylaw Amendments, November p.48
  • Orangewood Outreach, by Scott B. Cooper, March p.13, October p.14
  • Panama: A Jewel in the Jungle, by Joseph L. Chairez, October p.10
  • Policy Statement/Call for Feature Articles (and Letters), February p.29, November p.32
  • President’s Page and Cover Story: Adieu, Farewell, Aufwiedersehen, Goodbye…, by Kim R. Hubbard, December p.5
  • President’s Page: The Department of Courts, by Kim R. Hubbard, March p.5
  • Pro Bono Opportunity (Domestic Violence Legal Clinic), May p.31, October p.32, November p.32
  • So, Just What Happens at Those OCBA Administration of Justice Committee Meetings?, by Donna Bader and William M. Bush, July p.8

Malpractice: Medical, Legal

  • Some Medical Malpractice Cases You May Consider Refusing, by Harold I. Miller, May p.36

Practice of Law, including Trial Practice and Law Office Management

  • Executive Coaching at Law Firms, by Anthony J. Mulkern, September p.40

Psychology and Law

  • Arguing the Invisible: How Juries View Psychological Injuries, by Joni Johnston, February p.20
  • Crash and Burn, by Joni Johnston, May p.38

Punitive Damages

  • Limits on Punitive Damages, by Scott J. Ferrell and Melinda Evans, February p.35
  • Deductions, Deductions and More Deductions, by Stanley Weisleder, March p.30, Errata, April p.49
  • Strangi II Deflated, by Carl Lloyd Sheeler, November p.24

Torts and Related Issues

  • Reporting Suspected Criminal Activity: Is it Absolutely Privileged?, by Alan J. Gordee, July p.18