2001 Article Index

2001 Topical Index to Articles & Columns
Appearing in Orange County Lawyer Magazine

This index is arranged alphabetically and by topic. Articles involving multiple areas of law are listed under their primary topic. Back issues of OC Lawyer are available at the Orange County Public Law Library and in the libraries of most local law schools.

Book Reviews

  • American Constitutional Law, reviewed by Michael E. Raabe, Jan. p.31

Class Action

  • Revenge of the Wage Slave Class Action Overtime Cases, by Aashish Y. Desai, Nov. p.38

Computers, Software, the Internet & New Technology

  • Learn to Use Electronic Database to Discover, Uncover and Recover, Better your Cases, Win and Avoid Being Sued, by Marc Peter Kaplan, Dec. p.14
  • Metatag Cybertheft, by Peter M. Callahan, July p.30

Constitutional Law — United States

  • U.S. Supreme Court, 2000-2001 Term: Elections, Immigration and the First Amendment, by Charles H. Whitebread, Nov. p.14
  • U.S. Supreme Court, 2000-2001 Term: State Action, Federalism, Property Rights…, by Charles H. Whitebread, Dec. p.34

Criminal Law, Procedure and Justice

  • Discovery in California Criminal Law, by J. Dean Allen, Oct. p.32
  • Drug Checkpoints — Drawing the Line, by Michael E. Raabe, March p.6
  • Double Jeopardy — Alive and Well, by David J. Salvin, July p.6
  • Orange County’s Innocence Project, by Teresa Johnson, Dec. p.18
  • Recent Cases Affecting Jury Selection, Deliberation and Verdicts, by J. Dean Allen, Dec. p.20
  • Recent Criminal Decisions of the United States Supreme Court: 2000-2001 Term, by Charles H. Whitebread, Oct. p.18
  • The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Fourth Amendment, by David E. Schulberg, Jan. p.16

Environmental Law and Related Issues

  • California Provides Low Interest Loans for “Brownfields” and “Underutilized Properties” Affected by Contamination, by Diane R. Smith, July p.20
  • Urban Run-Off, by Kimberly Wind, Jan. p.10

Ethics, Civility, Professional Responsibility, Legal Malpractice, & Law Office Management

  • A Few Practical Ethics Considerations, by Michael E. Raabe, Aug. p.14
  • Introduction to Special Feature on Legal Ethics, Aug. p.8
  • Lawyers Gain Protections in Two Recent Fourth District Decisions, by William M. Hensley, Aug. p.18
  • Malicious Prosecution and Contractual Arbitration, by Donald P. Wagner and John C. Lautsch, Aug. p.30
  • Peace Time Law, by Leonard M. Salter, Aug. p.8
  • Ten Reasons Lawyers Get Sued, by Boyd S. Lemon, Sept. p.28
  • Time for Change: California Needs Some of the ABA Ethics Rules, by Phillip Feldman, Aug. p.16


  • Recent Hearsay Developments in California, by J. Dean Allen, Nov. p.32

Expert Witnesses

  • Damage Analysis Basics, by Carl Lloyd Sheeler, Dec. p.30
  • The Expert Witness & Consultant, by Jess E. Dines, Oct. p.40
  • The Expert Witness: Preparation for Trial, by Jess E. Dines, Nov. p.22
  • Jurisdiction in the Acquisition of Exemplars, by Jess E. Dines, April p.12

Family Law Corner and Family Law

  • Attorney Fees in Family Law, by Gary A. Perotin, July p.44
  • Child Support Penalties, by The Hon. Richard G. Vogl, March p.40
  • Defenses to a Support Order, by Elizabeth Jane Garland, Aug. p.40
  • Does the Court Have Jurisdiction Over Custody? by Irene Casson Gilbert, Sept. p.54
  • Fatherhood 101 by Gene R. Kent, April p.40
  • Get a Job! by Brenda McCune, Nov. p.42
  • The Hardship Argument, by The Hon. Richard G. Vogl, Feb. p.36
  • Health Insurance Reviewed, by The Hon. Richard G. Vogl, May p.40
  • Pension Partition or Dividing Military Retired Pay as a Community Property Asset, by Tom Erwin, June p.40
  • Stock Options as Community Property, and as Support, by Bruce A. Hughes, Jan. p.36
  • Substitute Service: The Valid, Invalid and Debatable, by Randall Rupp, Dec. p.42
  • Third Party Visitation, by Sousan Alemansour Myaskovsky, Oct. p.43

Gender & The Law

  • Let’s Celebrate the Status of Women in the Orange County Legal Community (and Maybe Investigate, Too), by The Hon. Eileen C. Moore, June p.28
  • The Limits of Disparate Impacts: A Local Case Study, by Jeffrey Calkins, June p.14

History & The Law

  • A Local Desegregation Case — Eight Years Before Brown v. Board of Education, by Christopher Hilger, June p.30
  • Modern Justice: Revisiting an Overlooked Architectural Treasure of the 1960s, by OCBA Staff, Aug. p.28
  • President’s Page: The 1930s: A Journey Back to the Future, by Danni Murphy, May p.4
  • President’s Page: The 1940s: A Journey Back to the Future, by Danni Murphy, June p.6
  • President’s Page: The 1950s …From Frontierland to Tomorrowland, by Danni Murphy, July p.14
  • President’s Page: The 1960s …a Maelstrom, by Danni Murphy, Aug. p.6
  • President’s Page: The 1980s …Building Buildings and Building Backlogs, by Danni Murphy, Oct. p.7
  • President’s Page: The 1990s …Reaching Toward the New Millennium, by Danni Murphy, Nov. p.6
  • President’s Page: 2001 — A Centennial Celebration, by Danni Murphy, Jan. p.4
  • President’s Page: A Journey Back to the Future: The Birth of a Bar, by Danni Murphy, Feb. p.4
  • President’s Page: OCBA Centennial’s First 70 Years, by Danni Murphy, Sept. p.18
  • President’s Page: The Roaring ’20s, by Danni Murphy, April p.10
  • President’s Page: The Second Decade: A Journey Back to the Future, by Danni Murphy, March p.10
  • President’s Page: We’ve Only Just Begun! by Danni Murphy, Dec. p.6

Humor & Law
“A Criminal Waste of Space,” by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth

  • Food Fight, March p.44
  • Jerk of the Year: 2001, by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, Oct. p.48
  • Meet Me in St. Louis, April p.44
  • Moby Book, the Great Blue Sesquicentennial Whale, Aug. p. 44
  • Promoting the Connecticut of Appeal, July p.48
  • A Short History of the California Public Relative’s Office, Sept. p.60
  • Start the Count, Nov. p.50
  • Summer is Here: Don’t Forget to Prune Your Hysteropotmoi, May p.44
  • Talk About Wheels Grinding Slowly…, Dec. p.46
  • Visions of Sugarplums, Feb. p.40
  • Waiter, There’s a Seal Penis in My Soup, June p.44
  • When Pigs Fly, Jan. p.40

Immigration Law

  • Recent Immigration Legislation, by Margaret David and Mitchell L. Wexler, Jan. p.6

Insurance Law & Insurance Coverage

  • Demystifying an Environmental Insurance Policy, by Diane R. Smith, Patrick Rendon and Tanya R. Rice, May p.28

International Law

  • An International Criminal Court: Fifty Years in the Making, by Leonard M. Salter, Feb. p.18
  • Is a Bipartisan Approach Possible?, by Leonard M. Salter, Jan. p.14

Jurisprudence, Legal Theory, Legal Literature, & Lifestyles of Lawyers

  • A Criminal Waste of Space: “Start the Count,” by The Hon. William W. Bedsworth, Nov. p.50
  • A Judge’s Critique of the War on Drugs, by Michael E. Raabe, April p.6
  • Poem: Recount, by Richard W. Millar, Jr., Feb. p.9
  • Post Cold War Economics 101, by Leonard M. Salter, April p.18
  • Religion in the Courtroom, by The Hon. Brett London, April p.27
  • To Write a Book, by The Hon. James P. Gray, May p.6
  • What’s Past is Prologue, by Richard H. Cooper & David R. Fine, Feb. p.25

Labor Law, Employment & Workers Compensation

  • Twenty Questions to Ask Before You File a Disability Claim, by Arthur L. Fries, July p.10

MCLE & MCLE Self-Study Tests

  • MCLE: “Could You Repeat That Please?” by The Hon. Stuart T. Waldrip, Sept. p.46
  • MCLE: Ethics & Pro Bono Service, by Scott Wylie, March p.32

Media and Media Relations

  • Trial by Media: Managing News Coverage of Your Case, Your Client & Yourself, by Joan Gladstone, Sept. p.22

Mediation & ADR

  • How to Create a Settlement Opportunity when the Court Orders Mandatory Mediation, by Robert E. Lovett, Oct. p.36

OCBA Functions, Goals & News

  • From the OCBA Affiliate Bars…, June p.5, July p.5, Aug. p.37, Sept. p.6, Oct. p.6, Nov. p.8, Dec. p.2
  • Is Eight Enough? A Look at the Santa Ana Court of Appeal, by Franz E. Miller, Oct. p. 10
  • Judge John “Jack” Ryan: The 2000 Franklin G. West Award Winner, by The Hon. James A. Stotler, Feb. p.10
  • OCBA — 100 Years of Charity and Service, by Jim Skorheim, March p.27
  • The OCBA 2002 Candidates for Secretary, Gerda Roy and Dean Zipser, Nov. p. 10
  • OCBA Charitable Fund Report, Nov. p.26 and Dec. p.32
  • OCBA Charitable Fund Report: Spotlight on Philanthropy, by Jim Skorheim, April p.3, May p.27, June p.27, Aug. p.27, Sept. p.41 and Oct. p. 17.
  • OCBA Charitable Fund Report: Spotlight on Sponsors, July p.29
  • Orange County Mock Trial — Full Circle, by Todd R. Wulffson, Aug. p.10
  • President’s Page: 2001 — A Centennial Celebration, by Danni Murphy, Jan. p.4
  • President’s Page and Cover Story: We’ve Only Just Begun! by Danni Murphy, Dec. p.6
  • Salute to OCBA Members, Nov. p.8
  • Vernon W. Hunt, Jr.: The 2001 Harmon G. Scoville Honoree, by Donald S. Gray, June p.10
  • Who’s Who in the OCBA, April p.34
  • Who’s Who in the OCBA Part II — Affiliate Bars, May p.10
  • The Young Lawyers Division in 2001, by Matthew J. Fletcher & William J. Wall, Feb. p.14
  • Your OCBA Website: Version 2.0, by OCBA Staff, Jan. p.32

Practice of Law & Office Management

  • Wage-Hour Law for Law Firms: The Risks are Increasing, by James R. McDonald, Jr., March p.12

Pro Bono and Volunteer Opportunities

  • A Call to Action, by Kenneth W. Babcock, Feb. p.6
  • Cover Story: Public Law Center Honors Volunteers and Celebrates 20 Years of Service, by Kenneth W. Babcock, Sept. p.10
  • Community Outreach: Special Help for Special Olympics: Toy Drive Success, by Kyle Crenshaw, Sept. p.7
  • Donate a Phone Program, by Kavita Gupta, June p.8
  • Pro Se Bankruptcy Project, April p.26
  • The Domestic Violence Legal Clinics, Jan. p.24, June p.22, July p.28

Tax, Trusts, Estates & Related Topics

  • The Repeal of the Death Tax: Act I, by Howard M. Larsen, Sept. p.42

Torts and Related Topics

  • Animal “Rights” and Emotional Distress for Loss of a Pet, by Carol L. Gatz, March p.16