2000 Article Index

2000 Topical Index to Articles & Columns
Appearing in Orange County Lawyer Magazine 

This index is arranged alphabetically and by topic. Articles involving multiple areas of law are listed under their primary topic. Back issues of OC Lawyer are available at the Orange County Public Law Library and in the libraries of most local law schools.


  • Bust-Out Schemes, Bobby E. Tomlin, Dec. p.30
  • Family Law Corner: Discharge? What Discharge?, Richard G. Heston, Dec. p.36

Book Reviews

  • Criminal Procedure, Second Edition, Wayne R. LaFave, Jerold H. Israel and Nancy J. King, reviewed Michael E. Raabe, April p.28
  • Halfway to our Goal: Can We Stay the Course?, Leonard M. Salter, reviewed Michael E. Raabe, June p.33

Computers, Software, the Internet, and New Technology

  • Changes that Strengthen the American Patent System, John J. Connors, Nov. p.26
  • Computer-Printer Generated Fraudulent Documents, Jess E. Dines, Jan. p.18
  • Computer Problems — Don’t Call a Computer Consultant — Fix it Yourself, Christopher Mulder, March p.16
  • The Effect of Utility Patents on Trade dress Infringement, Bruce B. Brunda and In H. Kim, May p.14
  • Email Signatures & Identification of Computer-Generated Documents, Jess E. Dines, Dec. p.29
  • Forgery of Contracts Using the Printer, Fax & Photocopier, Jess E. Dines, July p.36
  • How to Leverage Technology to Increase Productivity, Peter Riley, March p.10
  • New Federal Law Enables E-Commerce, Tom W. Bell, Dec. p.25
  • The Signature is Authentic but the Document is Fraudulent, Jess E. Dines, March p.28

Criminal Law, Procedure and Justice 

  • The Execution of Females, David E. Schulberg, July p.25
  • The Hidden Victims, Hon. Clay M. Smith, March p.34
  • Miranda: Still the Law, M. Katherine Baird Darmer, Sept. p.6
  • Recent Criminal Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court: The 1999-2000 Term, Charles H. Whitebread, Sept. p.32
  • Recent Decisions in California Criminal Law, J. Dean Allen, Sept. p.38
  • Supreme Court Ruling Restricts Reach of Federal Habeas Power, Celestine Richards McConville, Sept. p.14

Elder Law

  • The California Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act and its Relationship to Rule 10b-5 of the Securities & Exchange Act of 1934, Heather Elayne Davis, Jan. p.40

Ethics, Civility, Professional Responsibility, and Legal Malpractice

  • Orange County Bar Association Formal Opinion 99-001, May p.30
  • Orange County Bar Association Formal Opinion 99-002, May p.31
  • President’s Page: I Read the News Today, Oh Boy, Joel S. Miliband, Aug. p.4
  • President’s Page: May Day! May Day!, Joel S. Miliband, May p.4
  • President’s Page: McGovern for President, Joel S. Miliband, Sept. p.4
  • President’s Page: Mentoring and Other Thoughts, Part I, Joel S. Miliband, March p.4
  • President’s Page: Mentoring and Other Thoughts, Part II, Joel S. Miliband, April p.4
  • President’s Page: Professional Curtsy, Joel S. Miliband, Jan. p. 4
  • President’s Page: Seven Score and Ten Years Ago, Joel S. Miliband, Nov. p.4
  • President’s Page: A Wise Investment, Joel S. Miliband, Oct. p.4
  • What Does the Client Relations Committee Do?, Hugh Breckenridge, Dec. p.6


  • New California Cases on Evidence, Pleas and Search & Seizure, J. Dean Allen, Nov. p.34

Family Law Corner and Family Law

  • California’s Grandparents’ Rights, Daniel Lee Jacobson, Oct. p.40
  • Chambers, Reifler and Offers of Proof, Sousan Alemansour Myaskovsky, June p.36
  • Domestic Partnerships, Leslee J. Newman, p.37
  • Family Law Practice in the New Millennium, Steven G. Hittelman, Feb. p.40
  • Grandparent Visitation: Dead or Alive?, Jeffrey W. Doeringer, April p.32
  • The New (Less) Innocent Spousal Relief, Scott Kauffman, Jan. p.32
  • Planning for the Big “D” in Divorce, Michelle West, Nov. p.40
  • The Relationship Between Spousal Support & Child Support, Jan Mark Dudman, Aug. p.17
  • Transmutation Meditation, Brian G. Saylin, May p.32
  • What Are the Court’s Duties in a Support Case?, Hon. Richard G. Vogl, p.44

Humor and Law

  • An American Lawyer in Japan, The Rodent, April p.8
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Dispatches from a Parallel Universe, Hon. William W. Bedsworth, Feb. p.44
  • A Criminal waste of Space: “Dogs, Frogs and Compromise: Dangerous Things All,” Hon. William W. Bedsworth, Dec. p.40
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: “Evolution, Schmevolution,” Hon. William W. Bedsworth, March p.41
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: “Fat-Busted,” Hon. William W. Bedsworth, June p.40
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: It’s a Myth, Miss Smith, Hon. William W. Bedsworth, Jan. p.44
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: “Negotiated Bliss,” Hon. William W. Bedsworth, Aug. p.40
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: “The Parable of the Goats,” Hon. William W. Bedsworth, July p.40
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: “The Prescott Defense,” Hon. William W. Bedsworth, Sept. p.47
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: “The Silly Season”, Hon. William W. Bedsworth, May p.40
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: “Tomatocide and Self-Abuse (No, Not That Kind),” Hon. William W. Bedsworth, Oct. p.44
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: Water Guns Shoot Ballots, Hon. William W. Bedsworth, Nov. p.44
  • A Criminal Waste of Space: “Why NOT Me, Lord,” Hon. William W. Bedsworth, April p.40
  • Law Firm Friends & Hated Rivals, The Rodent, Jan. p.6
  • Love at the Firm, The Rodent, Feb. p.6
  • Me, Me & Me, Attorneys at Law, The Rodent, p.12
  • Perks of the Profession, The Rodent, March p.8
  • At the Sidebar: The Club, M.C. Bruce, Feb. p.52
  • At the Sidebar: Do Not Feed the Clerks, M.C. Bruce, Jan. p.30
  • At the Sidebar: Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Lawyer I Learned from a Six-Year-Old, M.C. Bruce, March p.48
  • At the Sidebar: A Loss of Courtesy, M.C. Bruce, April p.48
  • At the Sidebar: Why Clerks Love Lawyers, M.C. Bruce, May p. 48

Immigration Law

  • Mergers & Acquisitions in Today’s Technology Industry Driven Economy: Unanticipated Immigration Issues, Catherine I. Mayou, July p.6
  • Needed: Immigration Strategies for Hi-Tech Talent, Mitchell L. Wexler, July p.14

Insurance Law and Insurance Coverage

  • The Tender Trap, Edward Susolik and Reed N. Archaumbault, June p.28

International Law

  • Predictions for the Next Millennium, Leonard M. Salter, Feb. p.16
  • Time for a U.S. Policy Shift in Cuba?, Leonard M. Salter, Aug. p.25

Jurisprudence, Legal Theory, Legal Literature & Lifestyles of Lawyers

  • Change, Richard W. Millar, Jr., April p.28
  • At Family Court, M.C. Bruce, July p.33
  • The Law as a Second Career, Jonathan L. Miller, April p.29
  • The Motor Oil of Our Justice System, Hon. Clay M. Smith, June p.17
  • President’s Page: Anniversaries, June p.4
  • Wine Dreams, Ronald J. Kohut, Sept. p.22

Labor Law and Workers Compensation

  • New (and Improved?) Labor Laws, Michael R. Kirschbaum, March p.30

MCLE Self-Study Test

  • Criminal Law, Sept. p.50

Mediation and ADR

  • ARB-MED: ADR in the New Millennium, Elizabeth A. Hunt, Jan. p.29
  • Overcoming Common Barriers to Settling Cases, John J. McCauley, Oct. p.21

Medicine and Law

  • Advising Health Care Institutions Integrating Complementary & Alternative Medical Providers, Michael H. Cohen, July p.16
  • The Emerging Field of Law and Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Michael H. Cohen, Feb. p.30
  • Health Care Entities & Network Providers, Todd M. Ebersole, Oct. p.6
  • The Risk of Malpractice Liability in Credentialing Complementary & Alternative Medical Providers, April p.16

OCBA Functions, Goals & News

  • Aruba Awaits!, Joseph L. Chairez & Darren Aitken, July p.10
  • Donna Bashaw: The 2000 Justice Harmon G. Scoville Award Recipient, Fay Blix, June p.10
  • A Foundation for the Future, Joel S. Miliband, Feb. p.4
  • An In-Depth Study of the OCBA’s 1999 Franklin G. West Award Winner: Shhh! — Mike Pursell’s at Work, Franz E. Miller, Feb. p.12
  • C. Robert Jameson Elected as Presiding Judge, April p.31
  • Law Suits 2000, Dana K. Silva, May p.29
  • Let’s Join Hands, Edmond M. Connor, March p.6
  • News from the West Orange County Bar Association, Fred W. Anderson, Aug. p.6
  • 1999 Topical Index to Articles Appearing in Orange County Lawyer Magazine, Jan. p.48
  • OCBA Financial Statements, Aug. p.36
  • The OCBA Young Lawyers Division, Jonathan C. Mosher, May p.39
  • Out Standing in Their Field, Matthew J. Fletcher, Aug. p.14
  • Presenting the 2001 Candidates for OCBA Secretary: Kim R. Hubbard and John B. Sganga, Jr., Nov. p.10
  • President’s Page: At Random, Joel S. Miliband, July p.4
  • Special Olympics: It’s All About Attitude, Kyle Crenshaw, Sept. p.21
  • An Unabashed Report on the 1999 Conference of Delegates from OCBA’s Victorious Resolutions Committee, Danni R. Murphy, Jan. p.10
  • A Visit to Orangewood, June p.6
  • Who’s Who in the OCBA, April p.6
  • Who’s Who in the OCBA/Affiliate Bars, May p.6
  • Year 2000 Pro Bono Honorees, Scott Wylie, Sept. 10
  • Your OCBA Charitable Fund, Wendy Birnbaum & Carole Martinez, Aug. p.10

Practice of Law and Office Management

  • An Attorney’s Fees Provision May Not Be a Good Idea, Jack Smart, Oct. p.34
  • A Case for Improving Legal Writing, Bruce A. Thomason, Oct. p.36
  • Client Relations Committee Report, Feb. p.29
  • Crisis Communications with the Media, William A. Furlow, Jan. p.24
  • Increased Starting Salaries: What Have We Wrought on the Profession?, Vicki M. Huebner, Oct. p.32
  • Why a Web Site?, Nancy H. Kerr, Oct. 28

Pro Bono and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Attorneys Representing Children (ARC) and the Public Law Center, April p.27
  • Bankruptcy Project, Sept. 24
  • Court Tours: Fly on the Wall, Virginia Kreber, Oct. p.18
  • Domestic Violence Legal Clinics, June p.24
  • A Visit to Orangewood Children’s Home, March p.26
  • Volunteer Connection Days, April p.26
  • Volunteers in Parole, Inc., July p.24

Real Property, Construction Defects and Damage to the Home

  • Breaking the Mold, Bruce Flammey & Kimberly J. Wind, Feb. p.22
  • How to Prepare for and Handle a “Natural Disaster”, Kimberly J. Wind, June p.25
  • Value Diminution as a Measure of Real Property Damages, Michael V. Sanders, Feb. p.8

Securities, Accounting and Corporations Law

  • Accounting for Public Shell Reverse Mergers, Dennis F. McNally & Raymond H. Hermanson, Nov. p. 18

Tax, Trusts, Estates, and Related Topics

  • The Death of the Death Tax?, Richard L. Heaton, Nov. p.6
  • Estate Planning at the Eleventh Hour, Dustin I. Nichols & Sheldon S. Goodman, Nov. p.14
  • Getting Started: A Simplified Retirement Strategy, Victor Dabestani, June p.8
  • The IRS Often Cries, “Sham!”, Howard M. Larsen, April p.12

Torts and Related Topics

  • RICO to be Clarified and Expanded?, Michael E. Raabe Feb. p.34
  • Who is the “Owner of a Motor Vehicle” for Purposes of Proposition 213?, David Hazelkorn, Jan. p.13

United States Supreme Court — Civil Pronouncements

  • Civil Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court: The 1999-2000 Term, Charles H. Whitebread, Nov. p.28
  • First Amendment Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court: The 1999-2000 Term, Charles H. Whitebread, Oct. p.10
  • Habeas, RICO & Statutory Interpretation High Court Pronouncements, Charles H. Whitebread, Dec. p.10