Donna Bader Publishes Book
Orange County Bar Association member Donna Bader recently published An Appeal to Reason: 204 Strategic Tools to Help You Win Your Appeals at Trial through Bench Press Publishing.

"Trial attorneys may be excellent in presenting their case to a jury or the judge below, but those skills may be less important in protecting their appeals as the case goes up to the next level," says Bader. "The success of an appeal often depends on presenting a meaningful record to the appellate court that shows either a prejudicial error occurred or it did not. Trial attorneys need to know these tools even while they are trying the case."

With nine chapters that cover such topics as protecting the appellate record, common attorney mistakes and how to avoid them, and suggestions for thinking outside of the box during trial preparation, An Appeal to Reason is available for $55 plus shipping and handling. For more information, visit the website or download the press release.