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August 2019 President’s Page - Civility and the Inns of Court

Learn about our county’s inns that promote civility, professionalism, and mentorship.

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July 2019 President’s Page - How to Become a Leader in the OCBA

Do you see yourself in any of these committees, task forces, sections, or divisions?

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June 2019 - Diversity: What Law Schools Are Doing

How law schools are promoting inclusiveness in harmony with the OCBA.

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May 2019 - Diversity and Inclusion: What the OCBA Is Doing

How the OCBA is fulfilling its vision statement of demanding inclusivity through its organization.

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April 2019 - Law Students and New Lawyers: The Future of Our Profession

Ways in which the OCBA is accessible to new lawyers and law students.

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March 2019 - While You Were Sleeping . . . the State Bar and You

A new OCBA task force monitors major changes at the State Bar.

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February 2019 - Justice at Risk: The Chronic Underfunding of Our Courts

OCBA President Kelly introduces a new OCBA task force to focus on court funding.

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January 2019 - Let’s Work Together in 2019

The 2019 OCBA President aims to accomplish an agenda of inclusivity and education. And you can too!

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December 2018 - A Traditional and Heartfelt “Thank You”

Madame President graciously passes the torch. 

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November 2018 - This, That, and the Other

Our OCBA President details several significant happenings that affect the California bar.

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October 2018 - A Call to Service

Help the OCBA continue its strong pro bono tradition.

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September 2018 - Millennials: The Good, the Surprising, and the Important

It’s the age of the Millennial . . . understand what this means for business and law firm cultures.

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August 2018 - The Times They Are a-Changin’

The OCBA continues to promote diversity.

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July 2018 - A History of Giving and Helping

The Charitable Fund has a proud legacy of which you can take part.

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June 2018 - Law and Sausage

If you’d like to be in the room where it happens, where the sausage is made, you can be!  Read More..

May 2018 - The LRIS Committee: A Win-Win for Clients in Need and Attorneys

Join the LRIS committee to help clients find trusted attorneys.

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April 2018 - Civility Across Cultures

Read about the OCBA’s recent seminar in Thailand, and why civility is so important, no matter where your practice takes you. Read More..

March 2018 - Mentoring: From YLD to Masters

Forging symbiotic relationships. Read More..

February 2018 - Calling All Future Leaders: The OCBA Wants You!

February is a good time to submit your name for a future leadership position. Read More..

January 2018 - Unicorns, Puppies, and the OCBA

The new president urges you to become more involved with the OCBA. Read More..