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Problem with a Lawyer

If you have been unable to resolve a problem with your attorney, the OCBA has the following committees available that may be able to assist you.

Client Relations Committee
The Orange County Bar Association Client Relations Committee investigates and, if possible, resolves problems between clients and their Orange County attorneys. If you have hired an Orange County attorney to represent you and you believe there has been an ethical violation, contact the Orange County Bar Association Client Relations Department for assistance.

The OCBA will investigate your complaint and determine whether it should be referred to the State Bar of California for possible discipline of the attorney. This evaluation process takes an average of three to six months. You will be notified in writing of the results of the investigation. For information on filing a complaint call (949) 440-6700 ext.153.

Mandatory Fee Arbitration Committee
The Mandatory Fee Arbitration Committee can arbitrate a dispute over your attorney's fees. If you file for arbitration, we will have a third neutral party determine how much your attorney has earned as opposed to what your attorney is charging you. The Bar Association located in the same county as the attorney's office is the proper place to petition for arbitration. Download the Petition to Arbitrate form or view a complete list of Mandatory Fee Arbitration Forms.

A complaint and a fee dispute are handled as two separate processes with separate results. Please be advised that our office does not give legal advice, nor do we work directly with the courts. If you need legal counsel, please call the OCBA Lawyer Referral & Information Service at (949) 440-6747.

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