Photos from Inaugural Masters Division Event
On Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011, the OCBA Masters Division held its inaugural event at the Turnip Rose, Grand Newport Plaza in Costa Mesa. Entitled "Historic Trials Re-Lived: The Tate - LaBianca Murder Trial," the seminar for which attendees received 1.0 CLE credits featured a keynote address by former Los Angeles County District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi.

Photos by Teresa Taylor.

Hon. Nancy Wieben Stock and Mark Minyard

Michael Morris

Hon. James Stotler

Hon. James Stotler, Hon. John Arguelles (Ret.), Lonnie Seide, Hon. Carla Singer, and Hon. Gail Andler

Lonnie Seide, Hon. Carla Singer, and Hon. Gail Andler

Daniel Callahan

Richard Jones and Hon. John Arguelles (Ret.)

Mark Minyard and Dean Zipser

Hon. Thierry Colaw, OCBA Board member Pearl Mann, and Case Colaw

George Gorman, Hon. David Thompson, and John Hurlbut, Jr.

Mark Erickson

Jerome Bame, Sean McNally, and Shannon Lamb

Brian Gurwitz and Hon. Richard King

Catherine Goodrow, Joseph D'Antony, Wilma Presley, and Eric Lampel

Wylie Aitken, Thomas Prenovost, Jr., and Hon Daniel Pratt (Ret.)

Paul and Lori Gillette

Tom Malcolm and Mitchell Samuelson

Tim Ward, Kelly Millard Ward, Nancy Millar, Richard Millar, Jr., and Pearl Mann

Richard Jones

Daniel Skinner and James Riddet

Carlos Colorado and Jordon Steinberg

David Long and Frank Pray

Waymond Rodgers and Randy Erickson

Hall Seely, Bob Pozin, and John Sganga, Jr.

John Connors, Wylie Aitken, and Hon. Byron K. McMillan (Ret.)

Hon. Kathleen O'Leary and James Riddet

James Riddet, George Gorman, John Hurlbut, Jr., Hon. Kathleen O'Leary, and Kenneth Babcock

Tom Malcolm and Hon. Richard King

Bette Aitken and Susan Kelley

Rosemaire Chiusano and Scott Smith

Julie McCoy and Tom Malcolm

Julie McCoy, James Riddet, and Hon. Byron K. McMillan (Ret.)

James Riddet and Hon. Byron K. McMillan (Ret.)

Dean Zipser, Paul Gale, Meryl Young, and John Sganga, Jr.

Paul Gale, Dean Zipser, Julie McCoy, and John Sganga, Jr.

Julie McCoy, Vincent Bugliosi, and OCBA Education Administrator Patricia Martinet

Tom Malcolm and Donald Hamman

Danni Murphy and Vincent Bugliosi

Tom Malcolm and Vincent Bugliosi

Vincent Bugliosi, Stanley Zipser, and Dean Zipser

Eric Lampel and Vincent Bugliosi

Hon. John Arguelles (Ret.) and Vincent Bugliosi

John Sganga, Jr., and Vincent Bugliosi

Vincent Bugliosi and Hon. Byron K. McMillan (Ret.)

Julie McCoy

Eleanor Stegmeier, Michelle Reinglass, and Carl Holmes

James Riddet

James Riddet presents Hon. Byron K. McMillan (Ret.) with the OCBA Masters Division Legends of the Law Award

Hon. Byron K. McMillan (Ret.)

John Sganga, Jr.

Former Los Angeles County District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi