OCBA Member Alert - Proposed State Bar of California Dues Increase

This message is on behalf of Christina Zabat-Fran, OCBA President

Dear OCBA Members:

Please know we will plan to alert you from time to time on matters of general importance to our members.

The OCBA's Future of the Profession Task Force, co-chaired by Nikki Miliband, Scott Garner and Dan Robinson, has highlighted a proposal by the State Bar of California to increase attorney dues. Please see the following message from the Task Force to learn more about how you can have an opportunity to let the State Bar know your opinion on the proposed increase.

Thank you,

Christina Zabat-Fran
OCBA President

You have probably received an email from the State Bar of California seeking your feedback regarding new licensing fee structure options, all of which include a substantial increase to your annual licensing fee for 2025.

For the State Bar to increase fees for attorneys, the legislature must pass a bill allowing for such increase. Previously, the State Bar requested a fee increase and the OCBA, along with other bar associations, attorneys, and organizations, submitted opposition letters to the legislature and were able to keep the requested increase to a minimum. Recently, the State Bar sent out a survey asking attorneys to submit input on another proposed increase. IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND, IT COULD BE ASSERTED BY THE STATE BAR THAT THE ATTORNEYS IN CALIFORNIA DO NOT OPPOSE SUCH AN INCREASE and will be utilized by the State Bar to convince the legislature to pass a bill allowing for the increase.

Your response is important on this matter. Please take a moment to respond with your position. RESPONSES ARE DUE MARCH 6.

The form is confusing and presupposes an increase for all four options given, including the current model flat fee, which provides for a $150 increase for all attorneys. If you are against any fee increase and want the structure to remain the same, YOU SHOULD NOT RANK THE OPTIONS. Instead, please go to the bottom of the survey and provide additional thoughts by clicking the HERE button. When you do this, you can provide a comment as to what your position is and/or rank the comments provided by others from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

The OCBA will be monitoring this situation. If it becomes necessary, we will submit letters of opposition to the legislature. However, in the meantime, please take a few minutes to respond to the survey sent by the State Bar. Again, failure to respond could be seen as approving the increased annual fees.