Orange County Superior Court - Administrative Order 23/06: Updated Remote Appearance Guidelines for Civil and Probate

Updated Remote Appearance Guidelines for Civil and Probate

Effective November 13, 2023, the Court is adopting new guidelines for participation in remote proceedings and partially remote proceedings pursuant to Code Civ. Proc. §367.75, Rules of Court 3.672 and 367.75, and Local Rule 375. These modifications are intended to promote the effectiveness, security, and efficiency of the remote hearing process. All persons intending to appear remotely in any proceeding before the Court should familiarize themselves with these updated guidelines in advance of the proceedings. A detailed description of the applicable procedures and guidelines is available on the Court's public website. Key provisions include:

  1. All participants will be required to provide a case number for a matter that is scheduled for hearing before being permitted to check-in via the desktop or mobile virtual appearance application. Participants will need to have the required check-in information at hand for each matter in which they intend to appear remotely to avoid delays in being able to join those hearings. Participants must have camera and audio capabilities so that they can be seen and heard by the Court. Otherwise, parties should be prepared to appear in-person.
  2. Participants in remote proceedings must conduct themselves as though they were present in a courtroom, with proper decorum, demeanor, and attire. More specifically, participants: (a) shall not speak out of turn, chew gum, eat, smoke, vape, or use a cell phone, or other electronic device not related to the proceeding (b) shall take reasonable steps to avoid distracting background imagery, noises and activity; (c) shall refrain from profanity and obscene conduct or gestures; (c) shall not display any image, document or video unless expressly permitted by the Court; and (d) shall be dressed in a manner thaI is not distracting to persons of normal sensibilities and that is in accordance with current customs for appropriate business attire. By checking in for a remote appearance, participants will be deemed to have agreed to abide by the standards and guidelines set forth in this Administrative Order, the Check-in (ACI) screens displayed when using desktop or mobile applications, and the Court's Courtroom Advisement for Remote Hearings.
  3. Violations of any of these standards may result in the participant's removal from the remote hearing, muting of the participant's audio, disabling of the participant's camera, contempt proceedings, and/or monetary sanctions. (Code Civ. Proc. §§ 177.5 and 1205.) The IP address of persons who engage in inappropriate or disruptive conduct during a remote appearance may be blocked from joining future virtual hearings. Moreover, where the violation is deemed severe, the offender may be referred to law enforcement for potential prosecution. (Code Civ. Proc., §§ 166(a)(1, 3, 4, or 5) and 647.)

This order is effective immediately and will remain in effect until amended or repealed.

IT IS SO ORDERED this 13th of November, 2023, at Santa Ana, California.

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