Orange County Superior Court Announcement: Superior Court Develops Notification System for Attorneys

Santa Ana, CA – The Orange County Superior Court has developed a new tool to provide retained and conflict attorneys’ information on cases they have before the Court, by mailing a copy of any notice or correspondence sent to the client also to the attorney of record.

This new service for criminal and traffic cases will become available beginning December 9, 2022. At that time, when the Court adds a new retained or conflict attorney to the Court’s Case Management System (Vision), the attorney’s address will be required for entry by the clerk.

Retained and conflict attorneys that are currently representing clients and are already entered in Vision can provide their address in the courtroom when their case is on calendar, or by visiting the Attorney Window in the Clerk’s Office. Providing the Court their address will automatically include them in this new service.

Attorneys of the Public Defender’s Office, which includes Alternate Defenders and Associate Defenders, will not be required to provide the information requested above as their client’s data is currently transmitted to the Public Defender’s office through an existing interface with Vision.

For more information, please call 657-622-8459.

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