OCBA Mourns the Passing of Hon. Frances Munoz, Ret.

The OCBA mourns the passing of Hon. Frances Munoz, Ret. Judge Munoz recently passed away at the age of 92. She was appointed to the bench by Governor Brown on January 25, 1978, and served as the the first Latina judge in our state.   

Judge Munoz had a reputation as a very kind and giving person, and as someone who cared very deeply for her clients. She was a public defender, and continued her service as a judge for many years. At the time that she became a public defender, she was the first Latina to be hired and only the second woman to hired by the PD’s office.

Judge Munoz sat on assignment until she was 86. Her life exemplified public service. The Los Angeles Times recently publised a piece on Judge Frances Munoz. Click here to view the article.