Orange County Superior Court - Administrative Order No. 22/01

Pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code section 246 and California Rules of Court, rule 10.603(b)(1)(A) and (c)(1), the Court hereby cross-designates Judge Maria Hernandez and Judge Kimberly Menninger as judges of the Juvenile Court for the remainder of this year as is necessary for the prompt disposition of the judicial business before the juvenile court.

Rule 10.603(b)(1)(A), (c)(1)(A) and (d) of the California Rules of Court authorizes a presiding judge to delegate the duties of assigning judges to departments and designating a judge to preside in each department when appropriate. Pursuant to this authority, the Juvenile Court Presiding Judge is delegated authority to designate a Superior Court judge on a case-by-case basis to serve temporarily as a Juvenile Court Judge for the limited purpose of conducting a hearing to determine the ability of a party to inspect and/or disseminate juvenile case file records pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code sections 827 and/or 828.

This Administrative Order is made pursuant to California Constitutional provisions and California Rules of Court (CRC) in accordance with Government Code 68070, CRC 6.603(c)(11), CRC 981(a)(2), and CRC 5.500.

IT IS SO ORDERED this 9th day of February 2022, at Santa Ana California.

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