Orange County Superior Court - Court Expansion of Online Check-in / Zoom Pilot Program And Courtroom Relocations

The Orange County Superior Court implemented an online check-in pilot program starting June 7, 2021 to facilitate the use of Zoom for hearings, including law and motion calendars, at zero cost to the public. Courtrooms participating in this program will be using Zoom in lieu of CourtCall for remote hearings.

All counsel and self-represented parties appearing for hearings scheduled in the pilot program courtrooms must check-in online prior to the commencement of their hearing through the Court's civil video appearance website at https://www.occourts.org/media-relations/aci.html. Once the online check-in is completed, counsel and self-represented parties will be prompted to join the courtroom’s Zoom hearing session. Participants will initially be directed to a virtual waiting room while the clerk provides access to the video hearing.

Check-in instructions and an instructional video are available on the court’s website at https://www.occourts.org/media-relations/civil.html. Effective August 2, 2021, the check-in process will also be available via mobile application and instructions will also be available on the court’s website.

Read the official Court announcement.