Orange County North Justice Center Partial Reopening Phase 1A Updated March 1, 2021

Click here for the the calendar/department assignments for the North Justice Center, Reopening Phase 1A, which becomes effective March 1, 2021. 

The NJC was closed due to structural and safety concerns and although work has not been completed to repair all identified deficiencies, most of the repairs and placement of equipment and furnishings will be completed in line with this schedule.  A portion of the building will remain closed for several months, but they hope to open additional courtrooms soon. 

The NJC kindly asks for cooperation and compliance with Administrative Order No. 20/16 regarding facial covering and distancing requirements.  Maintaining these protective measures is critical to prevent further infections.  Safety monitors assigned to all justice centers will be tasked with monitoring the mask wearing and social distancing requirements in all public areas.