OC Superior Court Offers Weekly Virtual Probate Workshop

The Orange County Superior Court created and is offering a weekly virtual workshop teaching self-represented members of the public the process to clear Probate Notes for Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Decedents’ Estate cases.

“The newly formulated virtual workshop will aid self-represented customers of our Court, who would otherwise not be able to access our Self-Help Services due to COVID-19, or because they have other limitations,” said Orange County Superior Court Presiding Judge Kirk Nakamura.

This online workshop is held by the Court’s Self-Help Services and aims to explain what Probate Notes are, why Probate Notes must be cleared for a case to move forward, and how to clear Probate Notes. Before the pandemic, this workshop was conducted in-person. The new virtual workshop is part of the Court’s “Safe Access to Justice” initiative, which is designed to keep the Court and the community safe during this unprecedented pandemic.

The workshop is held every Monday at 9 a.m. and consists of a 35-minute presentation and a 30-minute question and answer period. At the end of the workshop attendees are given instructions on accessing one-on-one support with Self-Help Services. Court customers must always keep in mind that Self-Help Services can provide procedural information but cannot provide legal advice.

Access to the workshop is free of charge and participants attend by using Microsoft Teams from home. Step by step instructions and technical support will be provided. Members of the public wishing to register, can email SelfHelpProbate@occourts.org or call (657) 622-7170. Please be ready to provide your case number, name, hearing date, and contact information. Space is limited.

The Court is continually working on providing Safe Access to Justice and would like to remind everyone that the use of facemasks or face coverings is mandatory for anyone entering a courthouse. Exemptions issued by anyone other than the Court will not be honored. For Court ADA accommodations and exclusions, please email Adainformation@occourts.org or visit this web page http://www.occourts.org/directory/ada/. Social distancing rules will also be strictly enforced in all facilities; thus, the number of individuals entering public courtrooms and elevators will be subject to space limitations. Persons displaying possible coronavirus symptoms will not be allowed in Court facilities.