Second Amended Administrative Order Re: Required Safety Measures and Face Coverings in Court, Executed on July 15

Effective July 15, 2020, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect public health, all members of the public entering the court are subject to the following restrictions:

• Social distancing of at least six feet (6') shall be enforced in all courthouses, courtrooms, and public areas to the extent possible.

• All members of the public entering a court building or wherever the court is conducting official court business (i.e. outside triage tables, offsite jury assembly rooms, temporary courtrooms in non-court facilities, etc) including law enforcement, attorneys, parties, and vendors must wear face coverings for the purpose of covering their mouth and nose at all times in the public areas of any court building, including courtrooms, or wherever the Court is conducting official business. Face coverings may include a mask, scarf, or any other cloth material that covers both mouth and nose.

• Judicial officers must also wear face coverings while on the bench and when in the public areas of any court building, and at all times when interacting with other individuals, including Court employees. Judicial officers may remove the mask while alone in their chambers and when eating and drinking with other individuals provided social distancing requirements are being met. Superior Court of California County of Orange July 15, 2020

• Individuals who are not wearing a mask will be denied entry to the building. Individuals who remove their masks after entering the building will be reminded of this requirement. If compliance is refused, services may not be provided, and the person may be asked to leave the court building immediately. Children under the age of three are exempt from this Order.

• For individuals with disabilities who seek an exemption from this Order as a reasonable accommodation pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act or California Rules of Court, rule 1.100, please contact the Court's ADA site coordinator at http://www.occourts.org/general-info/ or at ADAInformation@occourts.org.

This Order will remain in effect until 90 days after the Governor declares that the State of Emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic is lifted, or until amended or repealed.


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