COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment Donations Drive

Given the unprecedented issues impacting the Orange County healthcare community, to help the local hospitals and health care providers with the shortage of PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking all OCBA members to donate any PPE that they or their friends or family may have available.  At this time, we understand that the donated PPE must be in new and unopened containers and boxes.  We are not asking members to buy any PPE to donate as this will further exacerbate the already impacted supply chain.

Examples of such PPE that can be donated are the following:

  1. N-95, surgical masks and face shields (all sizes)
  2. Disposable gloves (all sizes)
  3. Eye protection
  4. Medical gowns -- disposable gowns and isolation gowns
  5. Antibacterial and disinfecting wipes

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