Keller/Anderle Selected for 2019 CLAY Award for California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year

Keller/Anderle attorneys have been honored with a prestigious Daily Journal CLAY Award – California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year award this year. This is the second year in row, and the third time over this decade, that Keller/Anderle has received this award. All trials were jury verdicts.

This year’s award was for Keller/Anderle’s successful defense in Yellowstone Women's First Step House, Inc., et al. v. City of Costa MesaJennifer Keller and Chase Scolnick were co-lead counsel and Anand Sambhwani was second chair, backed by Shaun Hoting, Nahal Kazemi and Michael Schachter.

This was Keller/Anderle’s third CLAY Award. The first CLAY Award was given to Jennifer Keller in 2012 for MGA Entertainment v. Mattel, a case she had entered as lead counsel just 12 days before trial. The second CLAY award came in 2018, when Keller, Stephen Larson, and their trial team were honored for their successful defense of San Bernardino County developer Jeff Burum during a nine-month jury trial in 2017 in People v. Biane et al.