OCBA Members Named Top Lawyers of 2010

Several OCBA members were recognized in OC METRO's August 2010 cover story, "The Legal Eagles," recognizing Orange County, Calif.'s Top Lawyers for 2010.

Brian Pedigo of The Pedigo Law Corp., Richard Heston of Heston & Heston, Kelly Zinser of Olenicoff & Zinser, PC, and Steven Feldman of the Law Offices of Steven J. Feldman were selected in the Consumer Bankruptcy/Debt category.

Feldman was also highlighted in the Tax category, as were Shahzad Malik of Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, Michael Vollmer of the Law Office of Michael V. Vollmer, and Henry Daniel Lively of The Lively Law Group.

Meanwhile, Heston was also recognized in the Family Law category, as were Steven Hittelman of Nelson Hittelman LLP and Barbara Hammers of Hammers & Baltazar LLP.

In the Corporate/Incorporation category, Craig Mordock of Jones Day and Gahram Kang of the Law Offices of Gahram Kang were recognized.

Mordock was also recognized in the Mergers & Acquisitions category, as were Michael Flynn of Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth and Stephen Freeman of K&L Gates LLP.

For Insurance, Edward Susolik, Douglas Carasso, and Daniel Callahan of Callahan & Blaine, Christopher Wesierski of Wesierski & Zurek LLP, and David Ezra of Berger Kahn were named.

Ezra and Wesierski were also named in the Employment/Labor category, as were Aashish Desai of Mower, Carreon & Desai LLP and Don Sessions of Sessions & Kimball LLP; meanwhile, Callahan was also recognized in the Personal Injury category, as were John Bisnar and Brian Chase of BISNAR | CHASE and Darren Aitken of Aitken Aitken Cohn.

Moreover, Callahan was named in the Litigation category alongside John Sganga of Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP and Mark Wilson of Klein & Wilson.

Sganga received an additional nod in the Intellectual Property category.

Darrell Olson and Louis Knobbe of Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP were named in the Copyright Infringement category.

Ronald Thommarson of Robertson + Thommarson, LLP received a nod in the Financial Markets & Services category.

In the Criminal Defense category, Paul Meyer of the Law Offices of Paul S. Meyer, Michael Brewer of The Brewer Law Firm, Brian Gurwitz of the Law Office of Brian Gurwitz, and Ronald Cordova were highlighted.

Brewer was also recognized in the DUI/DWI category.

Serge Tomassian of Tomassian, Throckmorton & Inouye LLP, Edmond Connor of Connor, Fletcher & Williams LLP, and William Grenner of K&L Gates LLP were selected in the Real Estate category.

Tomassian was also recognized in the Construction & Development category, as were Jonathan Dunn of Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold LLP, Gregory Clark of Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP, and Diane Smith of SmithTrager LLP.

Meanwhile, Connor and Grenner received additional nods in the Land Use category, alongside Matthew Fletcher of Connor, Fletcher & Williams LLP.

Darlynn Morgan of Morgan Law Group was recognized in the Estate Planning category.