CRF-OC Honors OCBA Member Todd Wulffson

Photo Captions: (1) CDF Orange County Managing Partner, Todd R. Wulffson with Monika L. McCarthy, Managing Director & General Counsel of CrossCheck Compliance LLC.; (2) CDF Orange County attorneys with Todd R. Wulffson, CDF Orange County Managing Partner, Monika L. McCarthy, Managing Director & General Counsel of CrossCheck Compliance LLC and Andres A. Gallardo, J.D., Vice President & Legal Counsel of Opus Bank.

OCBA member Todd R. Wulffson, the Orange County Office Managing Partner for Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger LLP (CDF), received the Distinguished Service Award from the Constitutional Rights Foundation of Orange County (CRF-OC) for his quarter century of service to Orange County youth.

CRF-OC, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering Orange County youth through law-related education programs, recently honored members of the legal community who have made an impact and positive difference through their organization. Through his work with the organization, Wulffson has influenced and encouraged local youth to be active, responsible citizens through initiatives such as the Peer Court program, Mock Trial and the Orange County Career Forum.

“What keeps me motivated to maintain my longstanding relationship with CRF-OC is a passion for educating young people by making history, law and government come alive,” says Wulffson. “Working with dedicated, motivated and committed CRF-OC board members has been an experience unlike any other, and it has been my absolute honor and privilege to serve CRF-OC for the past 25 years.”

An Orange County native, Wulffson was first introduced to CRF-OC as a high school student when he participated in a Mock Trial. Due to his positive experiences with the organization as a teenager, when Wulffson was given the opportunity to become more involved as an associate, he jumped at the chance. Twenty-five years later, he still is an active member with the organization. Since joining, one of his many significant accomplishments came when, as Board President, he helped finalize CRF-OC’s independence from CRF-Los Angeles and developed their first website.