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October 2019 President’s Page - Access to Justice: What the OCBA is Doing

How the OCBA increases access to justice for Orange County residents.

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September 2019 President’s Page - Honoring Those Who Serve Our Veterans

VLI, based in Orange County, is one of the few legal organizations that exclusively helps veterans. You can join them! Read More..

August 2019 President’s Page - Civility and the Inns of Court

Learn about our county’s inns that promote civility, professionalism, and mentorship.

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July 2019 President’s Page - How to Become a Leader in the OCBA

Do you see yourself in any of these committees, task forces, sections, or divisions?

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June 2019 - Diversity: What Law Schools Are Doing

How law schools are promoting inclusiveness in harmony with the OCBA.

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May 2019 - Diversity and Inclusion: What the OCBA Is Doing

How the OCBA is fulfilling its vision statement of demanding inclusivity through its organization.

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April 2019 - Law Students and New Lawyers: The Future of Our Profession

Ways in which the OCBA is accessible to new lawyers and law students.

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March 2019 - While You Were Sleeping . . . the State Bar and You

A new OCBA task force monitors major changes at the State Bar.

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February 2019 - Justice at Risk: The Chronic Underfunding of Our Courts

OCBA President Kelly introduces a new OCBA task force to focus on court funding.

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January 2019 - Let’s Work Together in 2019

The 2019 OCBA President aims to accomplish an agenda of inclusivity and education. And you can too!

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December 2018 - A Traditional and Heartfelt “Thank You”

Madame President graciously passes the torch. 

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November 2018 - This, That, and the Other

Our OCBA President details several significant happenings that affect the California bar.

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October 2018 - A Call to Service

Help the OCBA continue its strong pro bono tradition.

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September 2018 - Millennials: The Good, the Surprising, and the Important

It’s the age of the Millennial . . . understand what this means for business and law firm cultures.

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August 2018 - The Times They Are a-Changin’

The OCBA continues to promote diversity.

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July 2018 - A History of Giving and Helping

The Charitable Fund has a proud legacy of which you can take part.

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June 2018 - Law and Sausage

If you’d like to be in the room where it happens, where the sausage is made, you can be!  Read More..

May 2018 - The LRIS Committee: A Win-Win for Clients in Need and Attorneys

Join the LRIS committee to help clients find trusted attorneys.

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April 2018 - Civility Across Cultures

Read about the OCBA’s recent seminar in Thailand, and why civility is so important, no matter where your practice takes you. Read More..

March 2018 - Mentoring: From YLD to Masters

Forging symbiotic relationships. Read More..