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October 2020 President's Page - Giving Back: Never Easy, Always Rewarding

This Pro Bono month, the president speaks of helping others.

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September 2020 President’s Page - All for One and One for All: Orange County Legal Community

Learn how OCBA leaders have been proactively addressing multiple issues.

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August 2020 President’s Page - Civility in the Time of Pandemic

We have an opportunity to practice civility beyond the pandemic.

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July 2020 President’s Page - An Open Letter to Generation Y

How the OCBA can help your practice.

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June 2020 President’s Page - Heroes Among Us

As Mr. Fred Rogers said, look for the helpers.

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May 2020 President’s Page - The Show Must Go On

How the OCBA is fulfilling its mission during this pandemic.

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April 2020 President’s Page - When the Unimaginable Becomes Right Now

The OCBA is adjusting to life in the time of COVID-19.

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March 2020 President’s Page - The OCBA: Something for Everyone

There is a place for every lawyer in the OCBA.

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February 2020 President’s Page - Licensees (Formerly Known as Lawyers) Fight Back

There appear to be some limits to changes that can be made by the State Bar.

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January 2020 President’s Page - 2020: The Vision Ahead

Learn how some powerful mentors helped this year’s OCBA president become the talented leader and lawyer he is today.

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December 2019 President’s Page - What a Year It’s Been!

The OCBA president recalls the amazing education, events, and community from this past year. Read More..

November 2019 President’s Page - The Unsung Heroes of the OCBA

Get to know people who work for the OCBA behind the scenes.

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October 2019 President’s Page - Access to Justice: What the OCBA is Doing

How the OCBA increases access to justice for Orange County residents.

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September 2019 President’s Page - Honoring Those Who Serve Our Veterans

VLI, based in Orange County, is one of the few legal organizations that exclusively helps veterans. You can join them! Read More..

August 2019 President’s Page - Civility and the Inns of Court

Learn about our county’s inns that promote civility, professionalism, and mentorship.

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July 2019 President’s Page - How to Become a Leader in the OCBA

Do you see yourself in any of these committees, task forces, sections, or divisions?

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June 2019 - Diversity: What Law Schools Are Doing

How law schools are promoting inclusiveness in harmony with the OCBA.

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May 2019 - Diversity and Inclusion: What the OCBA Is Doing

How the OCBA is fulfilling its vision statement of demanding inclusivity through its organization.

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April 2019 - Law Students and New Lawyers: The Future of Our Profession

Ways in which the OCBA is accessible to new lawyers and law students.

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March 2019 - While You Were Sleeping . . . the State Bar and You

A new OCBA task force monitors major changes at the State Bar.

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