Monday, June 27, 2016
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June 2016 - Raising the Bar

Mr. President is proud of the OCBA’s Affiliate Bars, Sections, and Committees. Read More..

May 2016 - Take a Moment to Remember

A time to memorialize our brave soldiers. Read More..

April 2016 - The OCBA’s Impressive New Board Members Tee Off to a Great Year

The OCBA boasts talented Board members who do great things for our entire community. Read More..

March 2016 - Choose Civility, Please

 Read More..

February 2016 - Building a More Inclusive and Stronger OCBA

Todd lays the foundation for years to come. Read More..

January 2016 - Hey Todd!

Our new OCBA president introduces his vision for this year, and it includes your help! Read More..

December 2015 - It’s Truly a Wonderful Life

Madame President bids a fond farewell. Thankfully, I suspect we will see her, hovering like the Ghost of Christmas Past, around incoming president Todd Friedland’s offices, warning him not to be stingy with his bar commitments and time. Read More..

November 2015 - Defending November

More than just a pretty face, November has substance. Read More..

October 2015 - Unity Through Service

Our common values can lead us to help others. Read More..

September 2015 - OCBA on the Forefront

The OCBA has been a beacon of equality and fairness in Orange County. Read More..

August 2015 - OCBA Stars: The Next Generation

The Queen of the Fair admires incoming lawyers. Read More..

July 2015 - The Fight for Court Funding Continues (Or, Why My Court Reporter Has Been Replaced by a Marionette)

Ashleigh wonders what to do with her fifth of gin, now that there is no money left to store it at the courthouse. Read More..

June 2015 - President's Page: The Importance of Mentoring

How to learn how to make friends and influence people.

 Read More..

May 2015 - President’s Page: Don’t Forget to Call Your Mother and Thank a Vet

This May, Madame President urges us to help veterans in need, and to appreciate our moms. Read More..

April 2015 - Join the OCBA All Over Again

See opportunities at the OCBA with new eyes. Read More..

March 2015 - Fore! Watch (Out?) as This President Takes to the Links

Golf for several good causes (and your attire may even win you a prize!) Read More..

February 2015 - Addressing the Issue of Equality

Diversity—and words that honor diversity—matters. Read More..

January 2015 - A Taste of the Year Ahead

President Aitken outlines her ambitious goals.            Read More..

December 2014 - A Little Help From Our Friends

A farewell letter from our outgoing president. Read More..

November 2014 - Thanking Our Veteran Colleagues

We are grateful to those who have served. Read More..
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