Thursday, November 26, 2015
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November 2015 - Defending November

More than just a pretty face, November has substance. Read More..

October 2015 - Unity Through Service

Our common values can lead us to help others. Read More..

September 2015 - OCBA on the Forefront

The OCBA has been a beacon of equality and fairness in Orange County. Read More..

August 2015 - OCBA Stars: The Next Generation

The Queen of the Fair admires incoming lawyers. Read More..

July 2015 - The Fight for Court Funding Continues (Or, Why My Court Reporter Has Been Replaced by a Marionette)

Ashleigh wonders what to do with her fifth of gin, now that there is no money left to store it at the courthouse. Read More..

June 2015 - President's Page: The Importance of Mentoring

How to learn how to make friends and influence people.

 Read More..

May 2015 - President’s Page: Don’t Forget to Call Your Mother and Thank a Vet

This May, Madame President urges us to help veterans in need, and to appreciate our moms. Read More..

April 2015 - Join the OCBA All Over Again

See opportunities at the OCBA with new eyes. Read More..

March 2015 - Fore! Watch (Out?) as This President Takes to the Links

Golf for several good causes (and your attire may even win you a prize!) Read More..

February 2015 - Addressing the Issue of Equality

Diversity—and words that honor diversity—matters. Read More..

January 2015 - A Taste of the Year Ahead

President Aitken outlines her ambitious goals.            Read More..

December 2014 - A Little Help From Our Friends

A farewell letter from our outgoing president. Read More..

November 2014 - Thanking Our Veteran Colleagues

We are grateful to those who have served. Read More..

October 2014 - Celebrating Volunteerism

Experience the intangible reward of giving to others. Read More..

September 2014 - Be Counted in Upcoming Elections

Choose your future OCBA President this October. Read More..

August 2014 - Loss of a Legal Legend

Remembering Judge Alicemarie H. Stotler. Read More..

July 2014 - The Case for Brevity

Mince words. Read More..

June 2014 - Changes in the Training of Lawyers Brings Opportunity for the OCBA to Assist

The OCBA continues legal education programs for new and seasoned attorneys. Read More..

May 2014 - Avoiding a Deficit of Justice

Will you help alert legislators that budget cuts directly affect access to justice? Read More..

April 2014 - OCBA Section Membership Can Enhance Your Practice

Lunch-hour programs are a great way to stay current with your practice area and network with other attorneys. Read More..
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