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April 2014 - OCBA Section Membership Can Enhance Your Practice

Lunch-hour programs are a great way to stay current with your practice area and network with other ... Read More..

March 2014 - Remarkable Women in Orange County Contributed to Our Shared History

The OCBA President honors women of character, courage, and commitment. Read More..

February 2014 - Giving All Year Long

The OCBA facilitates a happier and healthier community for all of us. Read More..

January 2014 - 2014: Plans to Reinforce the OCBA’s Solid Foundation of Service

The new OCBA President reflects on our multi-faceted bar association, and invites suggestions for t... Read More..

December 2013 - The Privilege of Service Continues

This year’s OCBA President reflects on time well spent and successful OCBA initiatives. Read More..

November 2013 - Our Code of Honor

Although men and women in uniform require more courage, attorneys also live by a code of honor of w... Read More..

October 2013 - Elect to Participate

Good leaders need your vote. Start by casting your vote today for OCBA Secretary. Read More..

September 2013 - Ephemeral Moments

Raise a glass to this year’s gala to be held October 1, 2013. Read More..

August 2013 - Why We Wear Ties

The importance of business etiquette in 2013. Read More..

July 2013 - Lessons in Judicial Grace

Wayne relates lessons learned from his hero, Judge Waters. Read More..

June 2013 - The Power of Saying Yes

Saying yes to opportunities to serve others can change an entire community. Read More..

May 2013 - Making Justice a Reality for All

Send your ideas for combating budget cuts to ideas@ocbar.org . Read More..

April 2013 - Rationing Justice

Surviving budget shortfalls ... Read More..

March 2013 - A Song of Justice

Calling on us to echo the refrain of serving others. Read More..

February 2013 - I Know Where You Live

Access to affordable health insurance is of primary importance for lawyers. Read More..

January 2013 - This Is Your Canvas

Words can be used to paint a vision for the coming year. Read More..

December 2012 - Reflections on 2012

This year’s president reflects on a rewarding year and successful OCBA initiatives. Read More..

November 2012 - Strategic Plan & Tribute to a Legal Giant

Plans for the future . . . but first, an event to honor Thurgood Marshall. Read More..

October 2012 - Attorneys in Transition

Career resources, courtesy of the OCBA. Read More..

September 2012 - Serving the Community

You won’t want to miss Blues & Brews! Read More..