Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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May 2015 - Recent Patent Decisions Illustrate Variation in Application of the Common Interest Privilege

Recent  case law further explains the common interest privilege. Read More..

April 2015 - Protecting Judicial Impartiality

You’ll need to know this information for the judges on your gift lists. Read More..

March 2015 - So Long, Farewell ... Not So Fast: Duties Owed to Former Clients

Breaking up may be hard to do. Read More..

February 2015 - Protecting In-House Consultation: Attorney-Client Privilege and Intrafirm Communications

When you need advice about how to handle a client, can you ask members of your own firm and claim the conversations are privileged? Read More..

January 2015 - Ethics Highlights in Review

In case you missed any of these important opinions from 2014. Read More..

December 2014 - I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost!: A Review of OCBA Formal Opinion 2014-1 on Ghostwriting by Contract Lawyers and Out-of-State Lawyers

The dos and don’ts of ghostwriting ... Read More..

November 2014 - You Can’t Take It With You, or Can You?

The bright line rule that prohibited taking clients with you when you left a firm is fading. Read More..

October 2014 - Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Beware: Structured Settlements Can Sour the Attorney-Client Relationship

The rules of ethics can affect how and when you are paid. Read More..

August 2014 - Lawyers’ Ethics in Informal Investigations

Does zealous representation include misrepresentation? Read More..

July 2014 - Seahaus v. Superior Court: An Uncommon Fact Pattern Highlights Complexities of the Common Interest Privilege in California

A must-read for HOA attorneys. Read More..

June 2014 - Controversial Currency: Accepting Bitcoin as Payment for Legal Fees

The ethical issues presented by online currency. Read More..

May 2014 - What Is “Good Moral Character”?

A tale of two Californians ... Read More..

April 2014 - Retaining the Client File After the Representation Ends

In case you were wondering how long you have to keep those papers. Read More..

March 2014 - Litigation as a Pressure Tactic: Be Sure of Your Target

Beware of suing one party to get to another. Read More..

February 2014 - Who’s Your Daddy? Analyzing Parent-Sub Conflicts of Interest

Know when a parent can become the ugly-stepsister obstacle to representation. Read More..

January 2014 - 2013 Ethics Year in Review

A year’s worth of ethics cases summarized for your convenience (and compliance!)

 Read More..

December 2013 - Requirements for Client Retainer Agreements

As you plan next year’s goals, be sure to review your retainer agreements and make any necessary updates.

 Read More..

November 2013 - Legal Ethics, Social Media, and the Jury

You may be obligated to search online for information about your jury pool.

 Read More..

October 2013 - Of Dolls and Duties: The State Bar Court’s Exoneration of Attorney McHugh

Good news: you are not obligated to violate your clients’ requests, even if they sound crazy.

 Read More..

September 2013 - The Unassuming Plaintiff: Attorneys’ Duties to Non-Clients

Do right by those foreseeable beneficiaries (and other non-clients who could expose you to liability).

 Read More..
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