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May 2016 - How to Ethically End the Attorney-Client Relationship

What the rules require if you need to back out. Read More..

April 2016 - Forfeiture of Fees Due to Conflict of Interest

Can breaching certain duties of care require you to forfeit your pay? Read More..

March 2016 - Civility Among Lawyers: Nice Guys Don’t Have to Finish Last

Civility is necessary to being the best advocate for your client. Read More..

February 2016 - Advance Waivers Continue to Draw Criticism From Courts

Recent cases admonish firms who try to use advance waivers to drop clients. Read More..

January 2016 - 2015 Ethics Year in Review

In case you missed something that affects your practice, the year’s ethics columns are summarized here. Read More..

December 2015 - Does Size Matter? Ethical Considerations in Transitioning From Large-Firm to Small-Firm Practice

Some typical practices of small firm attorneys can raise ethical questions. Read More..

November 2015 - Attorney Disclosure Upon Withdrawal

Be careful how much you reveal about why you need to withdraw from a case. Read More..

October 2015 - Don’t Forget the Aggregate Settlement Rule When Negotiating a Civil Settlement for Multiple Defendants

Great advice about what constitutes informed consent. Read More..

September 2015 - The Ethics of Referrals

Important information for your next referral. Read More..

August 2015 - A Look at the Newly Revised Standards for Attorney Sanctions for Professional Misconduct

More sanctions have been added, as explained in this article. Read More..

July 2015 - The Ethical Perils of Representing Corporate Constituents at Depositions

How to prevent the need to withdraw from representing your corporate client when you also represent an employee. Read More..

June 2015 - Ethically Speaking: When Conflicts of Rights Between Patent Clients Preclude Presentation

When two clients are racing to be the first to file with the PTO, are you (is your firm?) precluded from representing both of them?

 Read More..

May 2015 - Recent Patent Decisions Illustrate Variation in Application of the Common Interest Privilege

Recent  case law further explains the common interest privilege. Read More..

April 2015 - Protecting Judicial Impartiality

You’ll need to know this information for the judges on your gift lists. Read More..

March 2015 - So Long, Farewell ... Not So Fast: Duties Owed to Former Clients

Breaking up may be hard to do. Read More..

February 2015 - Protecting In-House Consultation: Attorney-Client Privilege and Intrafirm Communications

When you need advice about how to handle a client, can you ask members of your own firm and claim the conversations are privileged? Read More..

January 2015 - Ethics Highlights in Review

In case you missed any of these important opinions from 2014. Read More..

December 2014 - I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost!: A Review of OCBA Formal Opinion 2014-1 on Ghostwriting by Contract Lawyers and Out-of-State Lawyers

The dos and don’ts of ghostwriting ... Read More..

November 2014 - You Can’t Take It With You, or Can You?

The bright line rule that prohibited taking clients with you when you left a firm is fading. Read More..

October 2014 - Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Beware: Structured Settlements Can Sour the Attorney-Client Relationship

The rules of ethics can affect how and when you are paid. Read More..
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