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April 2014 - Airplane! Three: Another Sequel

Beds is having trouble with his shoes again. Read More..

March 2014 - The Bridge

Beds gets serious about how to live. Read More..

February 2014 - Taking a Crack at Electoral Reform

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to fix our political system. Read More..

January 2014 - The Parable of Stochastic Calculus

Beds revises Shakespeare in keeping with universal truths. Read More..

December 2013 - Interactive Urinal Cakes

Beds discusses the crime-fighting effects of hearing voices while urinating. Read More..

November 2013 - Non-Leapin’ Lizards

If they can’t leap, can they really be lizards, Daddy Warbucks? Read More..

October 2013 - Getting a Get: Easier Than Ungetting the Get You Got

Beds examines Israeli divorce law. Read More..

September 2013 - USDA 43-C-0269

This whole pulling-a-rabbit-out-of-a-hat thing is tougher than it looks. Read More..

August 2013 - Those Shoes

They say you don’t know a justice till you’ve walked a mile in his Skechers. Read More..

July 2013 - Me and the Porn Star

Why should we bother telling you what it’s about? With a title like that, you know you’re going to ... Read More..