Thurgood Marshall Bar Association

When Thurgood Marshall began his journey seeking equality and justice for all, racism, segregation, and discrimination were an accepted way of life in every corner of America.

At Howard Law School, Thurgood Marshall was taught to be a legal social engineer with the aim of creating a more just society. A legal social engineer is a highly skilled, perceptive, sensitive lawyer who understands the Constitution of the United States and knows how to explore its uses in order to disrupt the systems and institutions rooted in bias that negatively impact communities across America.

As a lawyer, Thurgood Marshall is perhaps best known for the Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education. Attorney Marshall convinced the U.S Supreme Court to vote unanimously that segregation in public schools on the basis of race is “inherently unequal.”

For many, the mention of civil rights conjures up images of the protests, sit-ins, and marches in the South. However, the West also contributed to the achievements of the era, and Orange County is no exception. From the struggle for desegregation in schools, housing, employment, immigration and economic justice, to the struggle for equality in marriage and LGBT rights, Orange County has shared in the nation’s civil rights triumphs and tragedies.

The struggle continues.

Advances in neuroscience have offered us a deeper understanding of cognitive functioning. Mindfulness, Implicit Bias, and Systemic and Institutional Bias intervention strategies are all areas to be explored in order to assist our profession in being more inclusive. Inclusion, belonging, and providing a space for multiple identities to intersect is how we connect at TMBA.

The Thurgood Marshall Bar Association is a multi-cultural bar association committed to connecting, supporting, and increasing the Black legal community in Orange County. TMBA strives to promote diversity, professional improvement, and the advancement of justice through positive community involvement and excellence in the practice of law for the Black legal communities, allies, and the community at large.

No matter your race, color, gender, religion, spiritual understanding, national origin, sexual orientation, or other characteristic or identity, if you stand for equality and a bias-free Orange County, then please join the TMBA community!

We need you! Please go to www.thurgoodmarshallbarassociation.org  and join today.

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