OCBA Members M.C. Sungaila, Jennifer Keller, and Seymour Everett Coordinate with Local Businesses to Provide Meals to First Responders

M.C. Sungaila, OCBA Board member and partner at Haynes & Boone, OCBA Past President Jennifer Keller of Keller/Anderle, and Seymour Everett of Everett Dorey are working together to support Cost Mesa First Responders and essential city employees.

They engaged in a coordinated effort, reaching out to local businesses to provide weekly meals over the three-week period that is expected to be the height of the pandemic in Orange County. Realizing First Responders and essential employees are on the front line of this battle, the firms have focused on letting them know they are the heroes of this pandemic. The firms partnered with Miguel’s Jr. and Dick Church’s for the first two weeks and are working with the city to identify a local restaurant with strong ties to the community for the third week.