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Client Relations Committee

The primary function of the Client Relations Committee ("CRC") is to investigate and, if possible, resolve problems which exist between clients and their Orange County attorneys. The committee does not act as a disciplinary body, but rather, refers possible ethical violators to the State Bar of California for further investigation. The committee investigates complaints whether the attorney is a member of the OCBA or not.

The committee strives to advance professionalism by educating the attorneys complained about with ways to avoid similar complaints. All members of the CRC are OCBA members in good standing with both the OCBA and the State Bar of California, and have a minimum of four years legal experience as an attorney. Each investigator is assigned a vice chair to aid in the determination of the validity of the complaint.

The committee meets on the second Friday of each month at 7:30 AM at the offices of the OCBA. All members of the committee are expected to attend at least one meeting before being appointed to the committee and given an investigation to complete. Members are also required to investigate at least one case per year which on the average consists of 6 hours.

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OCBA Client Relations Program Lauded by State Bar

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