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April 2014 - Stomping Grounds

Reading this could be dangerous ... don’t say we didn’t warn you. Read More..

March 2014 - Troubled Waters Over Bridge

Heaven knows no fury as a (male) bridge player scorned. Read More..

February 2014 - Kitty Litter

If anyone needs a good cat sitter for when they die, I know a gal. Read More..

January 2014 - Stop, Frisk, and ... Search?

An abuse in criminal procedure can cost you. Read More..

December 2013 - Death Benefits

We know what “dead man walking” means, but what about “dead man’s standing”? Read More..

November 2013 - Home Court Advantage

A whole new meaning to ex parte communications ... Read More..

October 2013 - Dividing Bleak House

A divided house cannot stand ... but it can litigate for seventeen years! Read More..

September 2013 - Boob Tube

Who needs cameras when you have descriptions like these? Read More..

August 2013 - LLPOF

It’s getting hot in here... Read More..

July 2013 - A Paean to Miss Wiggles

Name that tune. Read More..

June 2013 - Face Off

When Facebook confessions become exhibits at trial... Read More..

May 2013 - Wanted Poster

Millar explores a certain style of interior decorating. Read More..

April 2013 - Time Slips

Makes you wonder if he charged for bathroom breaks, too. Read More..

March 2013 - Saluting the Police

Perhaps police training should include fluency in American Sign Language. Read More..

February 2013 - Flunking Contracts Twice

And they didn’t pay attention in Civ Pro either. Read More..

January 2013 - Private Justice

A judge’s questionable behavior is exposed. Read More..

December 2012 - Wine Time

Causes of action do not always age like a fine wine. Read More..

November 2012 - What’s in a Name?

Giving à la mode a whole new connotation. Read More..

October 2012 - Closet Case

What happens in the closet does not always stay in the closet. Read More..

September 2012 - Bait-and-Switch Service

Time travel made possible by creative litigating. Read More..