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February 2017 - Drop-Down Menu

Some judges spend too much time offline.

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September 2018 - The Return of Diogenes

Desperately seeking honest lawyers.

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August 2018 - Dancing With the Scars

Millar explores the idea of celebrity surgeons’ exposing their patients on YouTube.

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July 2018 - Picture Perfect

A word of caution to world-traveling litigators who prevaricate. Read More..

June 2018 - Making a Federal Case Out of It

Millar shows how it is possible to make a federal case out of a federal case. Read More..

May 2018 - Press One for English

It’s important to learn the language of the court.

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April 2018 - Ties That Bind

Local rules cannot mandate good judgment. Read More..

March 2018 - Unsocial Media

When dating sites are used to court disaster. Read More..

February 2018 - School’s Out

Who knew that Indian politics during 1916 to 1934 were so influential? Read More..

January 2018 - A Happy Medium

If this second career path is for you, you probably already know it. Read More..

December 2017 - The Fickle Finger of Fate

Someone who really, really objects to public school. Read More..

October 2017 - Carrying Coal to Newcastle

Defamation litigation comes to coal country.

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September 2017 - Wax Job

Millar decides to keep his focus on cars, not salons.

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July 2017 - Mining Olympic Gold

A person's résumé can reveal volumes about their character.

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June 2017 - Wedding Bells and Other Ding Dongs

It's hard to imagine a machine or animal having the requisite intent to enter a contract, for one thing.

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May 2017 - Where There’s Smoke . . .

When the gun is not the only thing that's smoking.

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April 2017 - Party Time

Mudslinging at its finest.

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March 2017 - Pest Control

Millar reveals Alaska's bug problem.

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January 2017 - The Thirteenth Juror

Perhaps the judge had multiple personalities.

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December 2016 - Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be

If the robe fits... Read More..
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