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April 2014 - Pereira/Van Camp: Applying “Old School Law” to Today’s Economic Paradigm

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March 2014 - A Fresh Look at Income Imputation

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November 2013 - Simplifying Adult Child Support

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September 2013 - Senate Bill 115 Would Give Sperm Donors Standing to Petition for Paternity

A proposed bill would permit sperm donors to sue for the rights of fatherhood. Read More..

August 2013 - Discovery With a Self-Representing Party

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April 2013 - Collaborative Divorce—A Follow Up

Collaborative divorce can be especially beneficial when children are involved. Read More..

September 2012 - Invisible Assets — The Problem of Stock Options and Deferred Compensation in Divorces

How should items that provide deferred compensation be valued at the time of division of property? Read More..

January 2012 - Visitation Affecting Support

In the determination of child support, visitation timeshare of the noncustodial parent is one of th... Read More..

August 2011 - Social Media Caveat

Watch out in every way! Read More..

April 2011 - Some Benefits of Mediation and Collaborative Law

How to get a divorce without going bankrupt and fracturing the family. Read More..

February 2011 - The Reverse Request

Proper formatting to the Court counts. Read More..

June 2010 - Child Support by Administrative Process?

A significant change is being proposed—please comment. Read More..

April 2010 - Transmutation of the Character of Property

Has it become her or his property, at time of separation? Read More..