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Judicial Council Forms for OCBA Members

LexisNexis® provides California Judicial Council Smart Forms and Automated California Judicial Forms for OCBA Members.

Click Here to access the California Judicial Council Smart Forms

OCBA Members receive free LexisNexis® California Judicial Council Smart Forms, featuring the following benefits:

  • Simply fill out the form online and e-mail, print or download it
  • Take advantage of Field Overflow options, which handle data that’s too long to fit in the space provided
  • Save the completed form to your computer for future use

See a brief demo about SmartForms

Automated California Judicial Council Forms

If you want to save even more of your valuable time, LexisNexis® offers more than 1,000 fully Automated Forms, including LexisNexis® Automated California Judicial Council Forms and LexisNexis® California Local and Municipal Court Forms. LexisNexis® Automated Forms can offer you the same special features as Smart Forms, plus they use HotDocs software® to offer robust automation features for as little as $10 each:

OCBA members can call
to get

  • The California County Forms,
  • The new California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI),
  • And more…
  • Smart Formatting: Information that’s required in different formats will automatially be reformatted correctly
  • Answer Files: Save the answers from one form and apply them to another
  • Automatic Data Flow: Enter information once and it’s automatically inserted throughout the form
  • Attorney and Court Intakes: Enter frequently used attorney and court information to use any time you complete a form
  • Field Wizards: Provide guidance in completing the form and perform calculations
  • Spell-check: Locates misspelled words for you

Order LexisNexis® Automated Forms now on lexisOne.

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