OCBA Announces 2019 Nominating Committee

The following people have been appointed by OCBA President-Elect Scott Garner, Umberg/Zipser to serve on the 2019 Nominating Committee. President-Elect Garner will serve as the Chair.

  • Larisa M. DinsmoorOrange County Public Defender’s Office
  • Todd G. Friedland, Stephens Friedland LLP
  • Deirdre M. Kelly, Chapman University Fowler School of Law
  • Rick McNeil, Crowell & Moring LLP
  • Teresa A. McQueen, SAFFIRE LEGAL
  • Joel S. Miliband, Brown Rudnick LLP
  • Nikki P. MilibandGood Wildman
  • Tracy A. Miller, Orange County District Attorney’s Office
  • Daniel S. Robinson, Robinson Calcagnie, Inc.
  • Yolanda V. TorresLaw Offices of Yolanda Torres
  • Lei Lei Wang EkvallSmiley Wang-Ekvall, LLP
  • Dean J. ZipserUmberg /Zipser LLP

By July 31 of each year, the Nominating Committee, chaired by the President-elect, reports to the Board of Directors, presenting one or more nominees for each open office and for each open directorship to be filled by election. Nominees of the Nominating Committee shall fairly represent, to the extent reasonable, the diverse composition of the Association, including minorities, women, lawyers in firms of various sizes and sole practitioners, public lawyers, lawyers with various specialties, and lawyers in various geographic areas.